Sunday, April 19, 2009

So it's going well...or not!

In the last 3 hours I have spent 45 minutes preparing dinner, 90 minutes sleeping, oh, and 45 minutes reading! During those 45 minutes I managed to read about 55 pages, but still! It seems the spirit is willing but the mind and body are weak!

Running totals

Minutes read: Approximately 200

Pages read during official readathon: Approximately 380

Pages read so far this weekend: Approx 680

Books completed during official readathon: 2

Books completed so far this weekend: 3


  1. As long as you're enjoying yourself, I'd say it's going fantastic!

  2. It's so funny to see people doing totally the opposite of what I'm doing, because they're halfway around the globe! I just got up from some sleep, myself, and it's only about 7:30am here...

    But keep up the great work!!

  3. You are doing great! Congratulations!



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