Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fan girl moments and Michael Jackson

I really need to think of a fun title to call those posts where I talk about all different things.

First, two fan girl moments! This email was in my inbox this morning:

Yes, I know, it's not really Richard Armitage, but still I think I might keep this email forever!

Secondly, I was reading Sharon Penman's excellent blog last night and she mentioned that she had met quite a few of my favourite authors at the Historical Novel Society conference a couple of weeks ago, including Diana Gabaldon. Then she wrote this sentence:

Since Diana’s book tour is going to cover everyplace but the Falkland Islands, you’ve all got a fairly good chance that she might be coming to a book-store near you! A slight exaggeration, but in addition to her U.S. tour, she’ll be visiting New Zealand and Australia and the United Kingdom and Germany
Squee! Diana Gabaldon is coming to Australia in November. I hadn't discovered her books the last time she toured down here, but she is one of my all time favourite authors, so with the prospect of the new book coming out in September and then going to see her, I am one happy fan girl!

When you combine that with the fact that there will be a new Paullina Simons book and most likely another Australian tour around that same time, I am going to be one happy reader!

It's hard not to comment on the death of Michael Jackson. When it seems like the whole world is in mourning, and the news is focusing almost solely on his death. It has led to a couple of interesting conversations in my house.

A couple of times my son has walked past the TV when they showed pictures of a very young Michael Jackson, and he has asked who it was and then they showed a later picture and he asked that same question and then another question. Why did he want his skin to be white?

My son is mixed race, and he has what he calls brown skin, although he is pretty light coloured - I would call it dark olive tones maybe. (There are some pictures of him in this post. Click on the photos to enlarge them and you will see what I mean). As far as I know, it has never been a big issue for him, but that doesn't mean to say that it won't be in the future.

My feelings on Michael Jackson's death - I really enjoyed a lot of his music, and so in terms of musical legacy he leaves behind a body of work that will continue to influence musicians for many years to come. In terms of the man himself there was too much other weird stuff for me to truly love him in the way so many other people seem to do.

I must say some of the media coverage seems a bit skewed. I was watching CNN for a while last night and they were already talking about what happens in terms of the people who had bought tickets to his upcoming tickets? Huh? I would think that if those people loved him enough to have snapped up tickets, then they would be huge fans, and would be more upset at the news of his death, rather than the fact that the concerts are not going ahead? Surely that comes later?

Weirdest take on the whole thing? Someone on Facebook provided a link to an article in The Onion where it was suggested that the real Michael Jackson died 18 years ago!

Whatever the truth is, Michael Jackson really left his mark on the world musically, but was obviously a very troubled man, and like so many famously troubled people before him he died too young.

RIP Michael Jackson


  1. I saw Diana Gabaldon, and hat a photo taken and book signed with her in Brisbane um a few years back.
    And ditto Paulina Simmons a year or 2 back. She loved my bag.

    What's her new book. I was disappointed with the last one.

    I liked MJ's dancing n the Thriller days, not the crotch grabbing years...sad for any children to loose a dad so young.
    Was interested in T's comments from the CNN coverage.
    T is a lil spunk these days. hehe

  2. No details on the new Paullina Simons book yet, just that it is due later this year.

  3. Hi Marg,

    Regarding Richard Armitage I just watched the end of RH season 3 and its very good in a sad and heartbreaking kind of way of course. Are you watching it on TV?

    I love love Gabaldon but I'm afraid no one comes to my neck of the woods so you'll have to tell me all about her. :-)

    Simmons is still TBR.

    And Michael Jackson well, his weird life style did put me off in later years but he was one huge influence in the 80 and I still remember how we all sang and danced his songs.

  4. Well, it doesn't matter what the tour schedule, none of the authors I want to see ever come here. I really need to read more from Gabaldon and Simmons, though!

  5. I never seem to be near enough for authors either! I'm sure when I lived near 2 major cities (NY and Boston) that they did visit, but either they weren't on my radar at the time or the authors I was really interested in didn't travel there. That's true for Boston in particular, I'm sure most big authors go to NYC. =)

    I think Michael Jackson's passing is sad, especially on my fiance's behalf since he's older than me and loved his music growing up, regardless of his serious personal issues in his later life. The man had problems, but he was so talented. It's a shame.

  6. first off, you have a very handsome son! I neglected to enlarge the pictures when you posted them..

    I feel sad for Michael's family.. and sorry that the man never seemed happy except when he was singing. I'd like to think he did have more happiness then was noticed.

  7. michael jackson's music was a huge part of my childhood--thriller came out when i was 8 and it was the type of music that everyone listened to. there was an air of mystery and charisma about jackson, and could he dance! years later, in 1995, i had a chance to see him perform live at the MTV music awards (with slash). when he moonwalked across the stage during 'billie jean', we all went crazy. for me, it was like watching a bit of my youth. i wasn't cheering for the weird person jackson had become, rather i was remembering my childhood and the impact has music had on me.

  8. Three or so years ago when I worked for a nonprofit and helped provide community service for youth who got into trouble with alcohol, a college student asked me to join his FaceBook friends. Guess he thought I wasn't so mean...

    Anyway, I don't do FaceBook, but not long ago, I googled 'me' and discovered I have FaceBook and am his 'friend'...of course, it's one of those fake pictures. Weird!



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