Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final Bloggiesta Update

I was planning to get up this morning and sneak in a few more Bloggiesta activities but it didn't happen as I was out and about early to go to a papercraft show, Paperific. I haven't been to this show before, but I think I was expecting something a bit bigger. While I didn't spend too much money really, I did pick up a couple of new techniques that I might well be using shortly, and I will be able to show you some results as well.

Bloggiesta has officially finished for me, but I have a couple of hours spare before I go out again, so I have done a couple more of the mini challenges. The first one I did was Bookish Ruth's Grade Your Blog exercise. By running my blog through Website Grader I got the following grade

Don't ask me what that means though. The report that was generated was quite comprehensive and gave quite a few suggestions, so I will probably try to read it over a few more times over the next few days and see which recommendations I will take up and which ones I won't worry about at this time.

The other thing that I have done this afternoon is to try and set up some Google Alerts as per Emily's Reading Room mini challenge. I think one of the difficult things that is a little challenging is to come up Google Alerts that will pick up the kinds of things I am interested in without bringing in an overwhelming number of alerts each days. At this point I have set up one for Reading Adventures and another for Historical Tapestry, and I am going to set up another about historical fiction but I haven't quite decided how to word this one just yet.

Whilst I probably didn't get as much done as I would really have liked to during Bloggiesta, I definitely found the mini-challenges very interesting and worth while. I would have liked to have managed to get around and visit a few others who were participating but unfortunately the event coincided with a pretty busy weekend for me.

Speaking of which, I did say that I would give another hint about the concert that I am going to go to tonight! I am not sure that posting a Youtube video is a hint exactly, because basically it tells you who it is! I am really looking forward to seeing the concert!


  1. So Jealous!!! I love Pink, and rocking out to her songs. I even made a playlist on my iPod, with many of her songs, and the playlist is called AngrySongs.
    Have fun!

  2. This bloggiesta thing is great! I didn't understand what it was. I just read the post on anchor text. My bad - I always say here. Wow!

    Have fun at Pink.

  3. I can't wait to hear about the concert! She seems like she'd be a lot of fun to see.


  4. Raidergirl, do you have any Lily Allen in that folder as well?

    Carolyn, the Bloggiesta thing was really good. It challenged me to think about doing things that I would not have necessarily thought to do. I could have another Bloggiesta weekend next weekend just to clean up my Bloglines account, but maybe I will save it for next time!

    Lezlie, I had a fantastic time. She was really good and it was a full on show rather than just a musician doing her thing.

  5. Love that "So What" attitude! could save our life. Enjoy ;P

  6. Teri, the whole so what attitude is part of what I love as well!

  7. thanks for directing us to the website grader...I'm going to check it out.

  8. Love Pink! Although the video I saw of So What had her crying on a lawn and Hart was only shown at the end. Interesting.

    I did the grade thing for my blog with www at the front and it told me that the site without the www was much better. Luckily I am the one without the www too. So I got a 40 and then a 70.