Monday, June 15, 2009

A little bit of this and that

I think that the world is trying to send me a cosmic message - catch up on your blogging! Not only is this weeks Weekly Geeks theme about catching up on reviews, Natasha from Maw Books is also hosting Bloggiesta this weekend. The idea of Bloggiesta is to "focus on blog content, improving/cleaning up your blog or working on your social network profiles". The sad truth is that I have so many reviews in draft that I will never catch up, but it does seem like a good time to go through and maybe clean up my links in the sidebar and write a couple of reviews. I do have a big weekend coming up but I am sure I can do something! If you would like me to add your link in to my blogroll please let me know.

I meant to mention that one of the things that I have had to do in order to have anyhope whatsoever is mark a whole lot of blog posts as read. By the time I had a month of either limited or no internet access my Bloglines account had over 11000 unread posts. Whilst I did get through quite a few of them, in the end I decided that it will take me a week if not to get through the rest of them, and it would be time better spent for me to actually be posting as opposed to reading all the blogs entry. I really hate doing that because I always get the feeling that I might have missed out on something great! My apologies to those people who I had to do that to!

One of the events that I missed out on over the last few weeks was the Mystery Read-a-thon. I didn't even hear about it until it was all over, but no danger of that happening this time. The second incarnation of this event is being held on August 8-9, and I am definitely planning on participating this time around.

To finish off this post I thought that I would post the trailer for the upcoming version of The Time Traveler's Wife. I have seen it a couple of other places around blogs, but I quite like it. When I read the book in my pre blogging days I remember sobbing as I read the end. Not just tears rolling down the cheeks but ugly, ugly big crying. Now, I am a crier from way back, but the fact that I was already tearing up watching this trailer means that I will have to be careful about who I go to the movies to see this with!

I have to say that normally Eric Bana doesn't do a lot for me but he looks quite good in this movie. Part of the reason for my ambivalent attitude is that I remember when Eric Bana was one of the members of an Australian comedy skit show and was really not hot. One of these days I will get over that early impression. He has done amazingly well and so is one of Melbourne's favourite sons! I do like him, I just don't normally lust after him. Here's an early comedy sketch:


  1. ROTFL - it's hard to believe it's the same guy!! I'm not that het up on Eric Bana either but he did look good in the preview didn't he - as opposed to the second clip

  2. I've always had a thing for Bana - the movie looks awesome but I think I'll be sobbing. Are there any answers or is it one of those things where there are only questions?

    And cleaning up my blog might be just the thing - I need to tag things proper but I'm lazy.

    Big surprise.


  3. I am excited to see the movie version of The Time Traveler's Wife. I got my husband to read the book as well, and he is also looking forward to the movie.

  4. I LOVE Eric Bana. I loved him in Troy and in The Hulk. I'm really looking forward to this movie as I really liked the book. I love Rachel McAdams as well.

  5. Well, showing that second clip could be bad for Eric's current career! I can't believe that is the same guy--not to mention that I could hardly understand a thing he was saying in the 2nd clip! lol! I think he looks pretty darn hot in the movie trailer and I think both leads are perfect--almost exactly like I pictured them while reading the book. I should re-read it though as it has been a long while since I read it. My confession to you: I cried watching this trailer!

  6. THANK YOU for posting this trailer! I'm sooooo excited to see this movie, as I too had the big rolling tears when I read the book years ago and like Kim above got teary eye during the trailer!! Now, should I try to re-read before the movie comes out? - Stephanie

  7. It looks very good!! I can't wait. The book is fantastic and I finished it in one sitting. Eric Bana never quite does it for me but he looks awesome in the movie. And the bloggiesta sounds great. I should really join in!