Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Library Loot

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Eva and me that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. If you’d like to participate, just write up your post-feel free to steal the button-and link it using the Mr. Linky any time during the week. And of course check out what other participants are getting from their libraries!

As far as my own Library Loot goes this week, I have a bit of a mixed bag genre wise as well.

Chosen by PC Cast and Kristin Cast - next book in the House of Night series (YA)

An Affair Before Christmas by Eloisa James - I always think I should like Eloisa James' books better than I really do. After a break of a few months, I am thinking that maybe, just maybe, this book will work for me. (Romance)

Named of the Dragon by Susanna Kearsley - After loving The Winter Sea so much I just had to look at the library catalogue to see what other books were available from her. The answer is a bit disappointing because this is actually the only other one on the catalogue. I will just have to buy all the others! (Not 100% sure what genre this one is really)

Harold the King by Helen Hollick - another chunkster from Helen Hollick. I read A Hollow Crown a week or so again and enjoyed it, so now I am trying to read the rest of her backlist as well. (Historical Fiction)

The Rabbits
by John Marsden - The reason why I have borrowed this book is because it is illustrated by Shaun Tan, and I just love his work. The good thing about this book is that I should be able to read it in about 10 or 15 minutes, but then I might need to look through it a couple of more times before I actually return it! (Children's book)


  1. I'm curious about the House of Night series. Where I work, it seems to be popular with the Twilight fans.

  2. That is one good loot :)
    Hollick and James especially

  3. I loved loved loved Harold the King.

  4. You favour romance and royalty I think. You were conservative this week in the number you brought home.
    The Rabbits looks like something that would attract a child's attention, nice colours. My link is up, enjoy your loot.

  5. Dragons in a title are always such fun! I want to read The Rabbits now too; Tan is such an amazing artist.

  6. I am reading the House of Night series too, they are really addictive! I just hauled in the last two (Untamed and Hunted) and I don't think I can restrain myself from ditching the book I'm reading now to start them.

  7. Icedream, the series was recommended to me by a lady I catch the train with.

    Eva, I have no idea if there are even dragons in that book! LOL!

    Sandra, yes, I do enjoy my romance and royalty, and a lot of other genres as well.

    Misfit, I hope I like it nearly as much as you do at least!

    Linda, thanks for stopping by!

    Bluedeuedd, I have high hopes for the Hollick, and one of these days a James is going to blow my mind. Maybe this will be the book!

    Charley, the House of Night is clearly aimed towards the generation that would love Twilight, from the pop culture references to the language.

  8. Those covers are simply gorgeous! I'd pick them up on that alone.

  9. Nice haul! I love all those covers too :)
    Happy reading.

  10. I read Tales from Suburbia recently and adored Shaun Tan's artwork. I've actually been thinking about checking it out again to re-read it! Have you read it?

    I haven't heard of The Rabbits but it sounds good. =)

  11. I have read Tales from Suburbia and enjoyed it! Have you read The Arrival - simply amazing book!

    There are definitely some good covers there aren't there Melissa and Jenny!

  12. I only know Helen Hollick - I have two of her books waiting on my shelves - but it definitely looks like a great set of books. One of the things I love about Library Loot is getting to meet the people who take out differnet books.

  13. Fleurfisher, I see a lot of books that I don't remember hearing about before in Library Loot!

  14. I went looking for the Chosen but it was already taken out. Put it on reserve.

    You got some really good books I have put some on my library list for the next time.

  15. I loved the covers of your loot!!!

    here's mine:

  16. Great loot! Mine is up here: