Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sharing some Diesel

I have been watching the Top 500 songs of the 80s (according to the Max music channel anyway) and they played Crying Shame by Johnny Diesel and the Injectors! Off I go to Youtube and plenty of time later, I am now sharing both that song from the late 80s, and Tip of the Tongue from the early 90s.

Johnny Diesel is one of those artists who has changed their name over the year. I think he just goes by the name Diesel these days, but he is still around, and he still has a great voice!


  1. Diesel is great!

    One of my favourite albums is Short Cool Ones, which he did with Chris Wilson, who is one of my favourite performers (he plays blues harmonica and has a BIG voice too).

  2. I love Diesel's raspy voice! Haven't listened to him in such a long time...thanks for the reminder! I love '80s music flashbacks.

    Thanks also for the heads up about the Historical Reading Challenge you mentioned at Historical Tapestry...I made sure to enter that one right away, considering all I read these days are historical books as it is!

  3. Wonder if he's still as good looking as he was then.

  4. I don't know the artist (is he Australian?), but I love to read those 80'es and 90'es posts that crop up from time to time around the book blogosphere :-)

  5. I like them too Louise! Diesel is American I think, but been living in Australia for years, so we claim him as our own.

    Anida, he's still pretty darn easy on the eyes!

    Allie, I didn't realise that he had made it to the US! He did have great music.

    Amanda, I don't think I am familiar with those. Scarpers off to Youtube to search for them!



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