Saturday, October 03, 2009

What I did yesterday...

After a visit to the Immigration Museum and lunch with friends, we wandered down to Borders, and I bought these books with one of the gift cards I got when I left my old job:

and then I went and bought some of these (yum!). It's a bit dangerous now that I know where the shop is!

And then I went and picked up my new glasses. Here's a before and after (and you can see my hair cut and colour from a couple of weeks ago as well). In the photo the glasses look black, but they are really degrees of purple, from very dark on the outside to gorgeous, vibrant lighter purple on the inside. I am very pleased.

It is always something of a surprise to me to see how prominent my chin is in photos. There's a reason I don't often like to be in photos!


  1. I miss the good old days when people thought the camera stole their souls... of course that could be because I am not remotely photogenic, which is partly due to my Half Closed Eyes Which Either Makes Me Look Stoned Or Possessed photo curse...

  2. The sad thing is that top photo wasn't the worst one!

  3. The new glasses look great!

    I'm like Kate- I can't keep my eyes open.

    Echo's cover in Australia in way different than in North America. Those cupcakes look yummy.

  4. I wasn't all that impressed by the Australian/UK cover when I first saw it online, but in real life it is very eye catching.

  5. Books, cupcake, and glasses look great! Have fun with all of them. :)

    I don't like to have my picture taken, either. No matter what, I always end up looking a bit weird.

  6. knowing where those cakes are is as dangerous as BreadTop having opened a new store in Preston!!! (and being so cheap n yummy!)

    love ur new glasses, i keep thinking i should get new glasses, but then i never do cos i can never decide what i like....

    sounds like a great day anyway!

    (i have to laugh, the verification word below is "pootard" lol!)

  7. Sounds like a great day! Love the glasses!


  8. I don't like to have my picture taken either!

    I really love your new glasses - they really make your eyes stand out and frame your face (pun not really intended, but...)!

  9. Love the new glasses!

    I think some people are born photogenic and some aren't, and it's not at all related to how pretty we are in r/l! My mom and I have the non-photogenic gene, and I just have to remind myself that the camera *does* lie. ;)

    That being said, I think you look very pretty-I love your skin!! And we have the same style nose. :) I have a 'definite' chin too-it means crewnecks look good on us!

  10. chin prominence probably relates to your chin being closest to the camera :-)
    You will be able to participate in the HORNET'S NEST discussion on oz_mystery_readers at the end of November now!
    The cakes look yummy Marg.
    Just finished AS DARKNESS FALLS (Bronwyn Parry)which I think you would like too.

  11. I really like the new glasses, I think they make you look younger too. BUT I have to scold you for putting that delicious looking cupcake on your blog, you're making me want one...

  12. Oh, wow, Marg, I really like the new glasses! They look really good on you! Sometimes I am not a huge fan of that style... My glasses are pretty basic. I want new ones, though.

    Enjoy your new books!

  13. Great glasses! Purple is the perfect color :)

  14. Marg, the glasses look great, and there's nothing wrong with your chin, I have a similar one as do millions of people.

    Glad you had a lovely day out!

  15. I love the Australian/UK cover of Echo! I remember thinking how pretty the cover were more than with the US cover. But now that I had the US cover, I;m still not excited about the cover, but it seem okay once you get use to the it *grin*

    You look great in your new glasses, Marg!

  16. Somehow I completely missed that Marian Keyes book! Adding it to the request list pronto!

    Love the new glasses!

  17. I am so excited about An Echo in the Bone, and can't wait to get my copy! I hope you enjoy it. I also love your new glasses, they look great!

  18. Books, cupcakes, a new cut & color, AND new sassy glasses! Life is good!

    LOVE the new glasses! 8)

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