Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who's keeping me company?

One of the questions being asked as a Readathon mini-challenge is Who is Keeping You Company?

I have to say that the conversation isn't that great, but this is my son as of about 15 minutes ago!


  1. The best kind of company - he's with you, but not chatting and distracting you from your reading.

    He looks very snuggly in that doona. It's cool here (Newcastle) this morning too.

    Have fun reading today.

  2. Oh well, let him sleep and you keep reading. Thanks for playing along.

  3. LOL--sometimes it just helps having a body there with you, even if it is unresponsive. Hope you're having fun Marg!

  4. Trish and Nise, it's only when they need to be up and out of the house that the whole unresponsive thing is a pain in the neck!

    Susan, it was certainly better than the needing things done or wanting things which came later!

  5. LOL, it's good no? He's with you, but you can still focus on your book!! :D

  6. Hehe. My kitty has been napping next to me. :)

  7. You go girl!! I'm rooting for you! And your son... Hey it's the good intentions that count. LOL!
    Good Luck!

  8. Well, he looks comfortable! Hope you're in a super-comfortable reading position, too, Marg!



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