Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Literary Award news and NaNoReadMo

Congratulations to Nam Le for winning the Prime Minister's Literary Award for Fiction.

Here's what the press release said:

"The winner of the 2009 Fiction Award is author Nam Le for his debut book of brilliantly crafted short stories, The Boat. This book truly immerses readers in the lives of the characters and their places, cultures and customs as they each navigate their lives.

"The judges recommended this book for the daring scope and excellence of its execution, the generous breadth of its emotional and social traverse, and the excitement generated by every story.

I read and enjoyed this short story collection earlier this year, and think it is a worthy winner!

There are also lots of Aussie authors on the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award long list. They are not wrong when they call it a longlist though - it is a huge list!

Because I haven't joined a new challenge in, oh, days, I had to sign up for this one! As much as I admire all those people who have the talent and drive to write, and to participate in NaNoWriMo, I am not one of those people! Like Wendy, I am a reader, and at this point in time I don't have any ambition to do anything other than read, so I am joining

The idea is to read 5 novels during November. Given the struggle I am having to find time to read this will be a challenge!


  1. what a great idea--supporting the NaNo writers! i'm not participating in that challenge--it's too daunting for me. i can barely do my blog posts some days. :) life just gets in the way. i love to write but have to balance reading, working, family, and living too!

    good luck with your five books.

  2. Great idea and good luck with your challenge.

  3. Now that is too cool. I love the button too. I am writing a novel and appreciate the support. I also appreciate the fact that not everyone can or wants to write like their hair is on fire. Go read for me because I certainly don't have the time for it now.