Monday, December 21, 2009

Feeling blue

The lyrics don't fit at all, but the title sentiment does, so should give you a bit of a clue as to where I am mentally at the moment.


  1. Awww-I'm sending big virtual hugs and positive thoughts your way! :)

  2. Oh Marg, here's another *hug*, anything we can do to help?

    By the way, what happened to your blog post for the advent calendar (your turn, I mean)? I can't find it on your site, and I'm catching up on the tour now.....

  3. Aw, Marg! I'm sorry you're feeling blue instead of rolling like thunder under the covers. (Did that make you smile? No?) Big hug!

  4. Hope you shake the blues soon!

  5. You know, the blues aren't always a bad thing. Sometimes they're nature's way of saying, slow down. Take a deep breath. Be still and let yourself feel.

    I hope happier days are just ahead of you, if not already here!


  6. Awww sorry you're feeling the blue. I hope you feel much better soon *big hugs*

  7. I am sorry to hear you are feeling so blue, and I hope you are able to feel better soon! Maybe a nice book under some snuggly covers might help?



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