Friday, January 01, 2010

Aussie Authors Challenge

Every year when I look back at the books I have read during the year there are usually two thoughts that cross my mind. The first is that I really, really need to read some classics, and the second is that I really don't read enough Aussie authors. Every year I think this year I am going to try to read 10 books or 15 books by Australian authors, and some times I get close, but other times I really don't.

When I saw that Booklover Book Reviews is hosting an Aussie Author Challenge, well, it seemed like a sign, and so I am signing up for the Fair Dinkum level

Here are the rules from Bookword Lover's challenge post:

TOURIST - Read and review 3 books by 3 different Australian authors

FAIR DINKUM - Read and review 8 books by Australian authors (a minimum of 5 different Australian authors)


1. Write a challenge sign-up post on your blog. In that post provide a link to this original post acknowledging Booklover Book Reviews and put this Challenge Button on your sidebar, linking the button to my challenge post.

2. Add your name and the direct link to your AUSSIE AUTHOR CHALLENGE sign-up post in the Mister Linky list below.

3. Decide which Aussie authors you will read in 2010, although you can change your book titles or challenge level at anytime!

4. Each time you read and review a book as part of this challenge, share this with other challenge participants by adding a direct link to your book review to the list at this post AUSSIE AUTHOR CHALLENGE Book Reviews.

Need help deciding which Aussie Authors are going to be on your list?

To get you started, Abebooks provides a great list of Australian Authors and book titles at this LINK. Authors include Peter Carey, David Malouf, Tim Winton, Markus Zusak, Peter Temple, Shane Maloney, Kerry Greenwood, Gregory David Roberts, Frank Moorhouse and Kate Grenville just to name but a few...

Each week or two for the next few months I'll do an AUSSIE AUTHOR IN FOCUS post, providing information about these and other popular Australian authors, the books and series they've written and links to their homepages and book summaries.

My plan at this stage is to read books by Erica Hays, Jackie French, Dominic Knight and probably Kerry Greenwood for starters.


  1. Thanks for pointing out this challenge Marg. I'm all signed up now too.

  2. Marg!!!! The last thing I need is another challenge!!! lol

  3. I haven't read enough Aussie authors either. The only ones I can think of offhand that I've read are Colleen McCullough and Christina Stead. I know there was another one I wanted to read about a girl who works in a Sydney dress shop but I can't remember the author for the life of me!

  4. I read Aussie authors quite a bit so I know I can do this challenge easy peasy. I look forward to your reviews and recommendations, and comparing notes. I have yet to post about it but I'm rounding up Aussie lit from my shelves first. Have fun.



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