Saturday, January 09, 2010


You probably can't really tell from looking at my blog, but I am participating in Bloggiesta this weekend. So far, that consists of lots of chatting on Twitter, and lots of thinking about things! Not a lot of action.

Some of the things I am thinking about, and to be honest, have been for a while:

What to do about my blogroll - There has to be a more effective way to highlight the blogs that I like to visit, (and who like to visit me). Until I do decide what to do about this, I am thinking about doing a bit of clean up on the links that are currently there.

My index of reads - At the moment, I have a separate blog where I keep links to all of my reviews, which I originally set up years ago. What I am thinking about instead is to have a tab on this blog. I am assuming that would mean transferring them

About me - Also thinking about a separate About me Tab. Not that I have a lot of extra info to add. Maybe I need to think about that content too.

Badges etc - At the moment Facebook, and Twitter badges aren't working for me and I have no idea why, so I am thinking about fixing those!

Domain names - Have been thinking about getting a domain name. is out of the question because it will cost too much, so I am playing around with a few different alternatives to see if I can come up with something a little more viable.

I can't really do some of the major changes at this time, because I am working on something that would mean that I would have to redo it all, but at least I am doing the thinking now right?

So, some questions. I had a few people talk about why a domain name is better than a .blogspot address. The main reasons given were that it looks more professional, is more fun, and gives more control. Anyone have any more reasons for or against to add?

And, a question on Tabs. Say, for example, I wanted to have a separate page for Library Loot (I don't it's just an example) posts, do you have to do anything different when you post to get those posts to show on the relevant tab page? And, do you think that is a good idea or a bad idea. I guess it really caters for those people who use some kind of feed reader as anyone who uses direct links probably wouldn't see it. Makes it sound like not such a good idea.


  1. Great job on the chatting and thinking! :)

  2. I have a domain
    it allows me to have all my blogs gathered to one place.

    I got a bargain price back when I started and bought 3 years I must about half was through now.

    Using a wordpress blog allows me to see in the stats area who has arrive via my domain.

    It is also easier to give to people...they can remember it.

    look forward to seeing your thoughts manifest.
    Jane of Janezworld

  3. Chatting and thinking are good things! In fact, that's all I've been doing!

  4. THINKING about accomplishing things is just as important as actually doing them, I say ;-) I think if you want to have a tab that takes you to all library loot posts, you just have to make sure all your related posts are labeled "Library Loot," and then click on that label and make that URL the link in your tab (rather than linking to one particular post). It should be the search query result itself that is the URL. Hope that makes some sense...