Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first Sunday Salon post (kind of)

The Sunday Salon.comI had decided that I was going to try and join in on the Sunday Salon posts. I know that there are hundreds of participants so they won't exactly have missed me when I haven't been participating, but I think that I need to have some kind of discipline so that I actually sit down and post something on the weekends. It also turns out that they are not accepting new members, but oh well, I will just post anyway! Maybe something similar will show up at some point that I can officially join in on.

On the weekends I think a lot about the posts that I intend to write, I just don't often do it! It's not like I don't just sit in front of the computer on the weekend - I do - but I spend most of that time either on Twitter or on reading other people's blogs, rather than actually writing for my own, or playing stupid Facebook games (damn you Bejeweled Blitz).

I often wonder whether other people do that too. If you sit down at the computer, do you read everyone else's blogs and then write your own posts, or do you write your posts and then go and visit other people?

So I should start writing about the topic I have chosen for my first Sunday Salon (kind of) post. I went to the hairdresser yesterday. Without getting too far off of topic before I even start properly, I gave instructions to say I liked what I had done last time. The girl who did it last time was on holidays, so I spoke to a new hairdresser about what I wanted, who then went home sick, and so my hair was cut by someone different again. The end result is that I my hair is shorter, blonder and cost more than I anticipated. Anyway....

Like many other people, I prepared for at least 3 hours of sitting in the hairdresser's chair by taking a book with me. I know that I am not the only one who does that because there were at least four of us in the salon who had brought their book with them. One of the girls was reading Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell, and actually ended up leaving her book behind when she left. One of the other girls was reading an absolute chunkster of a book that I couldn't quite read the title of. I really wanted to go and see what she was reading but I didn't think that the colourist would necessarily appreciate me getting up and walking around. I could have yelled out across the room, but (a) I am a lady (said in my best Little Britain voice) and (b) the music was pretty darned loud.

For the most part, I managed to get some pretty solid reading time in, especially once the foils were in. It got a bit tricky while they were being put in though. It was okay while the back was being done, but as the colourist started doing the side she was moving my head so I was on odd angles, and then she got someone to help her do the other side. At one point they asked that I take my glasses off, at which point I was very pleased that I was reading a large print novel that I had borrowed from the library and not one with normal size print. If I had to read a normal novel without my glasses for a good two hours I would have gone home with a headache for sure. Again I managed, until I was at really good points in the book and suddenly I kept on having bits of foil stuck in front of my eyes while they applied the colour. Because there were two of them doing it, at one stage I had a one centimetre gap that I was trying to read though, but I was not deterred from trying to read still!

Once they finished taking all the foils out, it was time for washing and cutting and styling, so my reading time was over, but it was nice to have a good couple of hours of mostly uninterrupted reading, which is more than I would have got if I had of been at home! And in case you were wondering, the book I was reading was Leonardo's Swans by Karen Essex.


  1. welcome to Sunday Salon :O)
    on weekends I play catch-up and do visit other bloggers and comment.
    I also get my posts ready for the week, I set certain posts like wordless wednesday and teaser tuesdays to post automatically on the given days. It saves me time this way.
    I always take a book to the hairdresser! lol I do try and glance at what others are reading too.
    The cover of Leonardos Swans is pretty.

  2. Welcome to Sunday Salon, even if it's unofficial...if you have a blog list, you can probably find others participating in the Salon. That's what I did at first, before I realized that there was an official page where you sign up.

    I do my posts and then visit others, but sometimes, I get distracted on Facebook...I always go there to display my "networked blog" posts, and then I might not leave for awhile! Comments, etc.

    Today a friend called while I was there, and told me some gossip about one of our Facebook friends, so about an hour later, I still haven't clicked around the Blogosphere visiting others!

    I had to check on your profile, to see if you are British...thought I detected an accent (LOL), and see that Australia is your home base. I was close, right?

    I've been here before for Library Loot. You might have noticed the book in my Salon, as I posted about it awhile back on Library Loot. (The Stephanie Plum).

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hope you enjoy TSS! I try to participate every once in a while although usually Sundays I try to stay away from the computer :)

    And, I always have a book with me when I go to the hairdressers. You never know if they are running behind or whatever. Don't want to end up just reading the latest hairstyles magazine! haha...

  4. You know, if only I could quit chatting with my hair stylist, the salon would be a great place to read! Really enjoyable post--especially reading your determination to read through those foils!

  5. Fun post - very necessary to have reading material at the hairdressers and those darn glasses can be a problem.

    I had intended to do SS this year and was disappointed to see it was closed......never occurred to silly me to simply go ahead anyway which I might do now. I tend to spend more time thinking about posts and reading other peoples instead of getting on with my own.

  6. Leonardo's Swans is another book I just added to my collection! Sorry to hear that your hair appointment didn't go exactly as planned, but I am glad that you got so much good reading time in! I will be interested in hearing what you thought of the book when you get to reviewing it!



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