Monday, February 08, 2010

28 Days of Heart

Have you all heard about 28 Days of Heart? This exciting initiative is being hosted by and the purpose is three-fold. The first is to raise awareness and raise money for  heart disease (one of the largest killers of women), the second is to introduce you all to some new romance authors at great prices, and the third is to spotlight some of the fantastic romance bloggers that can be found in blogland.

Each day during February, and will release one new novella at a fantastic price. The types of novella that are available cover just about every possible reading preference, so you should be able to find something that you might like to read, or perhaps it is a chance to try something that you wouldn't normally read! All proceeds from these sales go to The American Heart Disease Association. I know - I am not American, but it still seems to be a worthy cause to support!

Also during February, will be profiling one of the fantastic romance bloggers each day, including me! I am in illustrious company indeed! You can check out the first week of profiles at Romblog. To be honest, I might be a little intimidated because whilst I love my romance, and make no secret of that fact, romance is only part of what I read!

Be sure to check out all the details about this event by clicking on this link.


  1. This is a very cool idea! I will have to check out the list to see what's being offered and will be checking out your feature as well! Congratulations on being spotlighted! I hope it brings your blog to the attention of many new readers!

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