Thursday, June 17, 2010

Currently Reading: For the King by Catherine Delors

I have been thinking about ways I can share reactions and thoughts about a book without necessarily writing a review, so I am thinking that I might start writing a few "Currently Reading" posts. They will mostly be commentary on things like book trailers, or covers, with the synopsis or random thoughts. Who knows really, could be anything. Don't worry, there still will be some reviews!

For my first post I wanted to share the cover for Catherine Delors upcoming release For the King (coming out on July 8). When I first saw the cover for this book online, I liked it, but it was when I saw the actually cover, that I realised just how gorgeous it is. This is because when you look at the whole cover you can see the clever way that the picture wraps around the spine on the dust jacket.

Catherine Delors just posted on her blog showing the whole dust jacket, so you can see the whole image, and also how the colour on the back of the book reflects the colour of the dress on the front. Click on the link above for a larger version of the picture below.

Kudos to the cover designer of this book!

For a taste of what this book is about, here is the book trailer:


  1. I love how it wraps around so it doesn't cut off her head or half her body....nicely done. I hope the book itself is as nice as the cover is...

  2. I am liking it so far, but yes, what is inside the book counts for a lot too! lol.

  3. The cover is indeed beautiful. I love the rich colors.

  4. Ooh, I like this idea! This is how we are going to do To Say Nothing of the Dog, too, isn't it? I'm so pumped for that read!

  5. So, Marg, now I understand why you were asking about the full jacket, Marg!
    Indeed the designer was very clever, in that she left the cover mostly faceless, as is unfortunately the fashion these days, but you still get a full view of the face on the spine, which I think is eye-catching on a bookstore shelf, precisely because it is so rare now.
    And she picked a lovely brunette like my heroine Blanche!

  6. Love the cover on this one as well! I read her first book and thought it was wonderful, so I will be looking forward to your review of this one. It sounds like a great read!!

  7. That is a lovely cover. Hope the book lives up to it!

    Great idea on the currently reading post too.

  8. I am always thinking of how to do my reviews also. I think this method is interesting and i look forward to seeing some of these in the future.

    Beautiful cover indeed. The color of the dress is gorgeous.

  9. Jenny, we will see how it goes. Basically I just wanted a way to post things that I like the look of!

    Me too Amy!

    Zibilee, I liked Mistress of the Revolution too.

    Catherine, it was an added bonus that you had it up in the last couple of days. I was planning to post about anyway!

    Ladytink and Darlene, it is isn't it!

    Aarti, that sounds like it could be a fun way to do it. We have to figure out the rough schedule for that at some point.

  10. Yes, the cover is absolutely gorgeous!