Thursday, July 15, 2010

Currently Reading: Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden

As soon as I finish one series, it seems that I can't help but start another! In this case, I started the Tomorrow series by John Marsden. Previously the only book I had read by John Marsden was the story book, The Rabbits, which he wrote the story for and Shaun Tan illustrated.

I can't tell you how many times I have been told that I should read this series, and it was always on my 'one day' list. Now I am just over half way through the first book, and I am quite frankly wondering why I hadn't read them before now because it is really, really good.

One of the main reasons for actually picking the book up right now, apart from the fact that it was due back at the library yesterday, is that there is a movie version of this book coming out in August here in Australia.

I know that there are lots of fans of these books both here in Australia, but also elsewhere around the world, so I thought I would share the trailer.


  1. I started this series last year and have enjoyed it a lot! I read the first three fairly close together. It's been a while though, so I need to put the 4th one on my library list soon.

  2. Oh, I have to go re-read the first book and carry on with the rest of the series now :)

    Weirdly, I don't remember Kevin being so dominant in the novel (but it's been a couple years and trailers only show us a particular version of a film, after all).

  3. I was in love with this series as a teenager, read them all the time. But there is an exception. The first three were amazing. Then the fourth book was so not amazing that I didnt bother reading the rest. I know its a hard thing to do, but my advice is to stop at the end of the original trilogy.

  4. I've never heard of this but I would have eaten this up as a kid. I'll have to read it, and the movie looks great! I will admit it looks a lot like Red Dawn...a movie back in the eighties. Hmm.

  5. The trailer looks good doesn't it Beth!

    Amanda, I am eating it up now even though I am not a kid!

    Becky, I am not good at stopping a series before it ends, but we will see how it goes. Have you read the Ellie Chronicles?

    Lynn, I can't say he's particularly dominant in the book either.

    SuziQOregon, I hope you get to read more of the series soon.

  6. I hadn't heard of this series, but now I am curious about it! I am glad that you are enjoying it. I am going to have to do some research on these titles. Thanks!

  7. I've checked this out of the library several different times but have never gotten around to reading it. I'll have to add it to my reserve list. Maybe it'll be in my next Library Loot haul... :) Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

  8. Love this series! I admit though, I have only read the first two.

  9. reviewsbylola, I am hoping to read the second book sooner rather than later.

    Mollie, I had been told it was good, but really, really enjoyed it. I encourage you to check it out.

    Zibilee, I am surprised how well known this series is outside of Australia.

  10. I read this book as a teenager- it really scared me for some reason! Maybe I should give it another go someday...