Monday, July 26, 2010

Mailbox Monday: July's acquisitions

I was thinking that I talk a lot about the books that I pick up from the library when I do my Library Loot post each week, but I don't actually often talk about the books that I acquire in any other way. Therefore, I think that I might start doing Mailbox Monday every now and again, probably once a month and I will talk about the books I got over the preceding month. Here are the books that came into my house in July:

The other Saturday night I went to a trivia night, and I won these three books as part of the raffle. I doubt I will read the Dr Phil ones, but never say never. I am more than happy to at least look at the pictures in the Patrick Swayze novel, assuming there are pictures. I actually haven't checked yet.

Received from Helen Hollick. I already owned the first book in this trilogy so now it is completed.

Review books for October. I am very excited by the Lady of Hay, which I have heard so many good things about. I also really enjoyed the last Ciji Ware book I read so that should be good too.

I won this book from The Australian Literature Review

Received for a blog tour.

So there you have it. The books that I received over the last month. We'll see how many books I acquire over the next month!

Mailbox Monday (hosted by The Printed Page) is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.


  1. I was wondering where you had gotten those Dr. Phil books from :)

    You received some great books. I like the look and title of "The Miracles of Prato". Looking forward to your review!

  2. I've had "Lady of Hay" on my Paperbackswap wishlist forever -- I think I may need to switch it to paperback instead of hardcover! I read "Cottage by the Sea" by Ciji Ware -- it took me awhile to really get into it but I ended up really liking it -- so I'd like to read more by her.

  3. Welcome back to Mailbox Mondays Marg!

    I also got the new Ciji Ware and am so excited! I added Lady of Hay to my wishlist since I grabbed other ones from Sourcebooks. I look forward to your review on it!

    SO jealous over the Helen Hollick books. Aren't her new covers fabulous?!

    Enjoy your new reads Marg!

    HERE is my Mailbox Monday.

  4. Two Dr Phil Books as a raffle prize? I think I'd have donated them back for next year. The rest all look like perfectly acceptable items to be entering one's mailbox :)

  5. I've got the first book in Hollick's pirate series but I haven't read it yet. I've got a Ciji Ware book I've yet to read, too! Will I ever catch up? LOL!

  6. The Hollick books look great, and I hope you enjoy them. I also hope you like The Miracles of Prato. I thought it was a really interesting read. Enjoy all your new books!

  7. Ack! You got Hollick's pirate books....I'm jealous!!!

  8. Yeah I probably wouldn't read Dr. Phil either. :) Have fun with the rest though! My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  9. The Ciji Ware looks good and of course Patrick Swayze ( be still my heart) looks like a wonderful read. What a tragedy to lose him so young. Enjoy your books and have a great week.

  10. Lots of good books-- happy reading!

  11. I'm laughing about the Dr. Phil books - you're right to never say never! A Dog's Purpose looks good to me.

  12. Dr. Phil and Patrick Swayze? Thats quite the combo! I love the covers of the Hollick books. Happy reading!

  13. Nice LOOT! Have to get started on Ciji Ware since I keep hearing amazing things about her. Let me know how Wicked Company turns out.

  14. Little tired of Dr. Phil. Prefer that dog.



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