Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some people are so talented!

Saw this at Leslie's and had to share.

This is a trailer than a fan has made for a movie of The Hunger Games. Watching it though, it's hard to believe that this is a fan made trailer - it looks so awesome! I'd go and see this movie in a heart beat, if only it was being made!

This trailer was made by TheHungryJabberJay


  1. That trailer was a mini-movie in itself! I wonder if filmmakers who are adapting books into movies ever watch fan-made trailers to get an idea of what readers envision/want.

  2. Wow. The only bit of casting that didn't work for me at first glance was Peeta, and I could get used to him :-).

    That trailer was beautifully made, and incredibly professional looking.

  3. Wow, I wanna see that movie today! bad it was only a fan made trailer.

    One truly great trailer, loved how Gale was

  4. Wow, all I got, just wow.

  5. That was pretty much my initial reaction too Amy.

    Blodeuedd, how awesome would it be if that was a real movie coming out soon!

    Laura, I must confess I did a double take at first when I saw that casting, but I think it is workable. I have no idea who a lot of those actors really are though.

    Charley, it was almost a mini movie wasn't it. So clever. I don't have any skills in that area whatsoever!



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