Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: The Various Flavors of Coffee by Anthony Capella

I am currently reading The Various Flavors of Coffee by Anthony Capella. In the past I have really loved his writing - he has the ability to transport you to a particular place, to a particular meal, to a particular smell. Whilst that is true of this book as well, I am not sure that I really like the main character at this stage of the book. It will be interesting to see how it works out by the time I get to the end of it.

One thing about Capella's writing is that it is very quotable. I don't know about you. I quite often think "that would make a good teaser" as I read a book, even it is Friday! There have been loads of times in this book that thought crossed my mind. In the end, I have chosen a teaser that comes from page 180, and it is actually from a letter that the main character is sending to one of his friends:

Curious, isn't it, how one can come all this way, see so many things, and yet find oneself reflecting not on what is strange and new, but on what one left behind - the strange and old, as it were. What was that line of Horace that was drummed into us at school? Coelum non animum mutant qu trans mare currunt - "Those who chase cross the sea change their skies but not their souls."
Just as an aside, I changed my anti-virus software on my home computer on Sunday night, and now I can't access the internet, so if I am a bit absent this week, that is the reason why. Whatever blogging I am doing will be done from work, and let's face it, I am meant to work when I am at work so it may be a bit sporadic!

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  1. Wow "Those who chase cross the sea change their skies but not their souls." What a profound teaser and one that is surprisingly fitting. THank yo for sharing :)

    Here's my Tuesday Teaser

  2. That is such a wonderful line - and how beautiful is that book's cover, I love those colours. I hope the main character improves for you. :)

    PS: Good luck with your anti-virus software... I think that's why I may have become a little complacement, turning all the settings on used to slow down my computer to a snails pace... Surely there must be a happy medium?

  3. This book is beckoning at me from my TBR shelf but due to a busy summer I have not started it yet. I hope your impressions about the main character take a turn for the positive, and that you will post a review once you've completed the book!

    The Food Of Love and The Wedding Officer made Capella an auto-buy for me, so I have his latest, The Empress Of Ice Cream, on order - although at this stage I have no idea when I will find time to read it.

  4. Danielle, I am the same as you - I thoroughly enjoyed The Food of Love and The Wedding Officer, and so that is why I was keen to keep reading this one. I can't wait to see what he does with The Empress of Ice Cream.

    Booklover, there were loads of possible teasers, but this one was definitely an eye-catcher.

    BookishSnob - as someone who has done the living overseas thing it certainly resonated with me!

  5. I love the title of the book! Hope the book itself turns out to be as good as the title sounds!

    Our teaser for this week is here.

  6. Your title and teaser makes me want to pick up the book and abandon my Christie Ridgway marathon. I may have to re-post that Horace's quote in my tumblr page. Nice one!

    My teaser, from Christie Ridgway's Then Comes Marriage.

  7. Anne, I would definitely recommend this author's books, but would start with his first two.

    Madeleine, it is a good title and I do like this cover.

  8. Sounds very good! I will check it out!

    Here is my Teaser Tuesday post!

  9. Great teaser!! I don't have mine up yet but will later!

  10. Fantastic teaser! Love the Latin saying!


  11. Great teaser - I love that quote. I haven't heard of this book or the author but am going to have to check them out.

    Here's my teaser.

  12. Great teaser...so sorry about your Internet, though. Hope it's fixed soon.

    Here's mine:

    Click my name for the URL

  13. You had me at... coffee. I think I would have this book on my self and buy it just for the title itself. No, I'm not addicted.


  14. Work when you're at work? What a thought!

    Great teaser, although I'm not sure I agree with that quote from Horace - not convinced that "souls" always remain the same. Sounds like an interesting read, though.

    Here’s my teaser from The Inheritance.

  15. Lovely teaser and it has good point of life too

  16. Oh wow! This sounds like a book I would love, and I just loved your teaser. Will be really excited to see the full review on this one!!

  17. Ooo that's a really good teaser :)

    Here is my TT :)

  18. What a beautifully profound teaser. Thanks for visiting!

  19. Reminds me of a line from Gandhi as the title character stands looking at the sea: "I've come all this way and seen so much, and yet all I've done...is come home."

  20. Beautiful teaser. :) I've never heard of this book before--I love the cover though!

    My sentences are from Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov.

  21. Sounds like a great read. Enjoy!

  22. What a wonderful teaser! And I love the cover of the book.

    My teaser is here, if you want to take a look: http://abookblogofonesown.blogspot.com/2010/09/teaser-tuesday-792010.html


  23. 1]Well said, that teaser
    2]The book name had me hooked :)
    My teaser this week is at
    e-Volving Books

  24. A provocative teaser, is what that is. I hope that you enjoy your book. Here's my Teaser for Tuesday.

  25. Love the quote! This book has been on my TBR list for a long time, so I can't wait to read your thoughts.

  26. a very reflective quote--thanks so much for stopping by.



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