Monday, October 18, 2010

Autobuy music

Whilst I have any number of authors that I consider auto-buy, or at the very least seriously contemplate auto-buy, but I can't say the same about music. I probably only buy a couple of CDs every year, but there is on artist that I can guarantee I will buy if he has a new album out.

That artist is Keith Urban, and I was thrilled to learn that there is a new single out now, and that it is only a month or so until the new album is out. Of course, that also leads to tour announcements, and hopefully this time his concert here in Melbourne won't clash with major family events like the last one did!

Here's the new single, which I have replayed several times today. By putting it here, I can easily locate it whenever I want to listen to it!


  1. I have some bands that I feel this way about as well, and whenever they come out with something new, I am the first in line to buy it! I hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

  2. Hi Marg

    I can't go with you on the Keith Urban. I have bought most of Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty over the years. I do agree that compared to my book purchases and borrowings, the music purchases are tiny. Maybe because we listen to the music over and over and the books are a onetime one read deal.

  3. Mel, I've bee to the last two Rob Thomas tours, and the last Matchbox Twenty, so I can appreciate your autobuy artist, even if you can't share mine!

    Zibilee, I have high hopes!