Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dewey's Readathon: I'm up!


So Sunday is here, and it is time to get reading and cheering! I actually got a little bit of reading done, so I have at least met two of my objectives that I specified in my initial readathon post. I read up to the current goal for the Princess Bride and started The Exile.

Now to go and have a look at the posts from the participants in my mini-challenge, do a bit of cheering and then get a couple of hours reading time in.

It's going to be a gorgeous spring day here, and it is a family member's birthday so we we are going out to take advantage of the sunshine and have some lunch but after that I should be able to get some full scale reading in.


  1. Good morning! :)
    It's 4AM now in Japan and somehow I'm still up, but am thinking I might need to crash for a few hours soon.
    Have a great day and Happy reading!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and enjoy your Sunday full of reading!

  3. Wow, two objectives already plus a mini-challenge? Seems like your readathon is very successful!

  4. you are doing good
    as you should
    but don't forget food!

  5. Oh, have a great day and I'm sure you'll get some great reading done!

  6. Have a great day! I hope you get some reading in :)

  7. I hope you are enjoying your reading :-)

    I'd love to post something more creative, but my brain is in the "off" position...sorry!

  8. It's hard to get creative after a while Erin!

    Amy, nowhere near as much reading as I should have, or that I would liked to, but I had a good day.

    Thanks Iris and Gautami!

    caitieflum, sometimes it looks like more than it actually is! Thanks for dropping by!

    Readthebook, my Sunday wasn't that full of reading unfortunately! Thanks for stopping by.

    You did well to stay up that late Tanabata!

  9. Morning Marg! Hope you can sneak in some reading outside--sounds like a lovely day. :)



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