Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aussie Author challenge complete

A few days ago I posed the question Do you know what a drop bear is?

Here's the Wikipedia definition: a fictitious Australian marsupial.[1] Drop bears are commonly said to be unusually large, vicious, carnivorous koalas that inhabit treetops and attack their prey by dropping onto their heads from above.[2] They are an example of local lore intended to frighten and confuse outsiders and amuse locals, similar to the jackalope, hoop snake, wild haggis, or snipe.

Really, they are a joke played on unwitting tourists!

It was interesting because when that post went up I got a comment from someone on Twitter asking me if I had heard of an "oooh-me-doodle bird", which I must confess I hadn't heard of. The definition they gave is "really short wings & legs when trying to fly they sing ooh-me-doodle, ooh-me-doodle'. I am sure that there are a lot of other made up animals out there!

Having now finished reading The Third Day, the Frost by John Marsden, which is the book that contained the passage that prompted the posting about drop bears, I have also completed the Aussie Author challenge. The books I read were for the challenge were:

Shadowfae by Erica Hayes
The Night They Stormed Eureka by Jackie French
Disco Boy by Dominic Knight
A Distant Shore by Peter Yeldham
Lord Sunday by Garth Nix
Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden
The Dead of the Night by John Marsden
The Third Day, the Frost by John Marsden

Thanks to  Booklover Book Reviews for hosting the challenge! I will definitely be signing up to participate again next year.


  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  2. I haven't thought about drop bears for ages.

    When we were kids and camping in the Blue Mountains, our Dad used to tell us they had razor sharp teeth. Very scary stuff.

  3. Good job on finishing the challenge. I've read five so far for this challenge but think I have to disqualify the Janet Frame as she's from NZ. But the other four I read were five star reads for me so I'm thrilled. 1.Of a Boy***** by Sonya Hartnett (What the Birds See in US)
    2.The Arrival***** by Shaun Tan
    3.Dog Boy***** by Eva Hornung
    4. The Siege***** by Helen Dunmore

    Great stuff, I can't wait to read more, starting with The Betrayal by Helen Dunmore.

  4. Sandra, I didn't realise Helen Dunmore was Australian! Also, have you seen my blogiversary giveaway. It is a boxed set of The Arrival along with Sketches from a Nameless Land which is Shaun Tan talking about the arrival.

    Becky, very scary indeed! All the pictures online show very big, vicious koala type creatures.

    Thanks Audra

  5. Well done!
    Did you enjoy Disco Boy?

  6. Drop bears? That does it. I'm canceling my ticket to Australia.

  7. Re drop bears: Remember the Bundaburg Rum TV ad with the Swedish tourists?

  8. Congrats on completing the challenge Marg!

    I loved that Bundy Rum ad! I wonder why we Aussies feel the need to make up dangerous animals when we've already got some of the most dangerous real animals in the world (snake, spiders etc)???

    Maybe I should have included a drop bear in my survey for which animal should be the mascot for our 2011 challenge! ;)

  9. Amanda and Booklover, I do remember the Bundy Rum ad. I might put it up just for fun! Not sure how many votes the drop bear would have got in your survey. I voted for Platypus!

    Shelley, you just have to be careful where you stand really! I'd be more worried about the snakes, spiders, sharks and crocodiles!

    Sam, I did.

  10. Did you like the Dominic Knight? I haven't read it ... BUT I'm going to name drop now. I went to university with his mother. And, more exciting, I have met and lunched with Peter Yeldham. Did you like his book. He is a lovely man who has managed to make a career out of free-lance writing - radio, tv, films, novels. You name it, he's done it. and all without pretension. Just an Aussie bloke who counts himself luck.

  11. I mostly liked the Dominic Knight, although I wasn't rolling around on the floor laughing at it. If I have to give a one word review it would be okay.

    I really like the two Peter Yeldham books I have read! I wish his name was a bit more out there. I have his new book here to read, and I intend to read through his whole backlist.



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