Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Salon: Terry Pratchett 2010 Reading Challenge Participants

What's that common saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? Whilst I did have very good intentions both at the very beginning of the Terry Pratchett 2010 Reading Challenge and at various times throughout the year, I am not sure that I deserve that grim fate for being a bad challenge host!

I thought that as the challenge comes to an end, I would do a post listing everyone who participated in the challenge this time around, and that next week I would create a list of all the reviews that were written as part of the challenge! At least that is my intention.

While I don't think I will run the challenge next year, I am contemplating doing it again the year after, maybe making it a bi-annual challenge. I have certainly enjoyed all the books I read this year for the challenge, and look forward to reading more in due course! I still have a couple of books sitting on the shelf and I am sure I will continue to read more Pratchett books.

When I announced the challenge, there were five possible levels of participation:

Death's Apprentices (these dedicated readers read between 10-12 (or more) books)

Members of Granny Weatherwax's Coven (read either 9 or 10 books)

Academics at the Unseen University (read between 6 and 8 books)

Guards of the City Watch (read either 4 or 5 books)

Cashier at Ankh-Morpork Mint (read between 1 and 3 books)

I want to give a special shout out to Caty from Miscellaneous Mumblings who completed an amazing 17 books! Well done Caty!

Here's the list of participants

Susan at Reading Upside Down
Nymeth at Things Mean a Lot
Vasilly at 1330V
Katie Mack at Kiss Me Goodnight
Aarti at Booklust
Staci from A Life in the Thumb
Ninefly at Story on a Page
Leya from Wandeca Reads
Sauconys Books
Jacqui from Curiosities
Zibilee from Raging Bibliomania
Stephanie from Bookworm1858
Jo from Ink and Paper
Sakura from Chasing Bawa
Caty from Miscellaneous Mumblings
Amy at My Fluttering Heart
Bookpusher at The Genteel Arsenal
Michael at Classics and Cheese
Miss Eliza at Strange and Random Happenstance
Cath from Read Warbler
Sarah from And Here's How it Happened
Which Way Did She Go
The Fat Lady from Earley Days Yet 
Granny Weatherwax Apprentice
Clover from Fluttering Butterflies
Dawn Leger
Jennie from Biblio File
Zee from Notes from the North
Lightheaded from Everyday Reads
Brenda from Brenda Loves Books
Alyce from At Home with Books
Darcy from Roman de Renart
Ranti from ThingQ
Eva from A Striped Armchair
Magpie from Tapping the Ether
Jess from Onward, Upward Ho
Stephanie from Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic
Sharon from Books to the Ceiling
Mee from Bookie Mee
Rebecca from Just One More Page
Aradia from Aradia's Reading
Ah Yuan/Wings to Dust from GAL Novelty
Marion from Books and Fiber
Sarah from Sarah's Book Reviews
Koolaidmom from In the Shadow of Mt TBR
Megan from Posey Sessions
Suz's Space
Beth's Books
Meri Greenleaf
Amanda from Desert Book chick
A Trillian Books
Carey from The Tome Traveller
Heathcliff from Burn After Reading
Kate from What Kate's Reading
Sibylle from Magical and Colloquial
Kailana from The Written World

Please let me know if I have missed you off the list of participants in the challenge, or if you want to share  what level of achievement you achieved.


  1. I think you've done an awesome job and I thank you for hosting my first Challenge.

  2. Dear Marg,
    Thank you for hosting the challenge. It was a great excuse to reread my favorite books. Although I didn’t make good on buying the books part, I finished the challenge back in January. Here is my review:

    I love to read this series again, so please host the challenge next year.

  3. I read one book, so I guess technically I didn't fail, but I wanted to have read a lot more. Booo :( But thank you for hosting, Marg! You know I'll be back for 2012.

  4. I think you've been an excellent host. :-)

    I thought I might not finish this one but am now reading my 6th. book, (Thud!) so it looks like I will. yaay!

  5. I finished one book, which was my aim really, so I'm quite happy to finally try Pratchett. Thanks for hosting. I have yet to write review on the book (I read Equal Rites). Soon I hope!

  6. Thanks for hosting the challenge, I didn't actually get as many books read as I was hoping to for this one (I was originally aiming for 12) but I did read 5 and had the chance to go to a Terry Pratchett release party too so it was good fun!

    I'll look forward to reading some of the other reviews written if you get time to post them :o)

  7. Oh, a Terry Pratchett release party! That would have been awesome to go to Sarah.

    The list of reviews should be up on Sunday.

    Mee, I am so glad you met your aim! That's a successful challenge really.

    Well done Cath! I think I ended up reading 5 or 6 myself. Will have to check my list.

    Nymeth, I always want to read more Pratchett! Thanks for participating.

    Hi Aradia! You did amazingly well to complete the challenge in January! I did see your wrap up post, and will link to it in the reviews post. As for next year, I have something else in mind which will hopefully interest you, but I will definitely think about doing this one again in 2012.

    Thanks Suzie, glad you enjoyed your first challenge experience.