Thursday, December 30, 2010

Songs I wish I had heard before

It's not too late for festive songs is it? Neil Gaiman tweeted about this song so because I am a such a follower I clicked on the link, listened to it, and then clicked on the link several more times! Then I went on a bit of a Youtube odyssey as I listened to more songs from Tim Minchin. I am not normally a musician/comedian type of girl, but I have enjoyed quite a few of the songs

No snow, no open fire, no sleighs - white wine in the sun. Sounds festive at least to me!

The main reason for posting it here now though is so I can find it again when I want to listen to it next year!


  1. Its inclusion in the Myer Christmas CD caused quite a stir because it has a verse that criticizes organised Christian indoctrination of the young. That being said I find it a deeply touching song and tear up every time I hear it.

    The beat poem Storm is another good one.

  2. I used to buy the Myer Christmas CD every year, but stopped a few years ago. I can see why some staunch Christian's might not like it, but I think it is pretty representative of a lot of people's views

  3. The Salvo's complained about (while of course still taking the money that the CD generated) it not being in the spirit of Christmas. Personally it summed up my feelings perfectly.

    I broke down the songs on the CD into Christian/Secular and it was something like 1:3.

  4. Having been associated with the Salvos for a very long time, (grew up in that church and then worked for them for nearly ten years but stopped going to church years ago) I can see that happening.