Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Trailer: Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks

I am not sure why, but I happened to be looking at the events section of one of the local bookstores here (whose website I don't visit very often) when I noticed that they had an event with Geraldine Brooks coming up soon! A quick email to one of my friends who likes bookish type events, and I have now booked for A Conversation with Geraldine Brooks! Can't wait!

In the meantime, here is the newly released book trailer for Caleb's Crossing. If you would like to know more, see the Q and A that I posted a few weeks ago.


  1. I have seen this book around the blogs as of late, and am really interested in hearing what others think about it. I really love Brooks' other work and want to get the chance to read this one too. I hope that you have a great time at the author event and get a chance to post about it as well!

  2. I can't wait to read this, she is one of my favourite authors. As soon as I can get to a bookshop it's mine! :-)