Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keith Urban in concert

Last night I had the great pleasure of going to see Lady Antebellum in concert, ably supporting Keith Urban!

Keith Urban is my one auto buy artist when it comes to music. I will buy others if there are a few songs that I like, but Keith's albums are the only ones that are like my favourite authors for me in that I know exactly when an album is about to come out, and I know that I am going to buy it without even having heard any of the music off of it!

Lady Antebellum were an awesome opening act, with most of their songs coming off of their very successful second album, so I knew most of them. I really must make an effort to get their first album, which they sang two songs from, and also they sang a song off of their next album. They also did an cover version of Start Me Up, originally by the Rolling Stones. Of course, they didn't leave to leave the stage without singing this song:

A short break and it was time for the main event! And what a main event. I was so busy enjoying the time that I could't begin to tell you what songs he sang in what order, although he did start with Put You in a Song, and along the way sang Flame Trees (originally by Cold Chisel) and played all his hits! My throat is a bit sore this morning from singing along to every single song!

The set was a really good mix of his slow songs as well as the more boppy one, and the crowd was totally left wanting more.

Before I get tempted to embed every single song from Youtube, I wanted to say a couple of things in particular - I loved how much audience participation there was in the show. Right from the first couple of songs there were parts where the crowd was singing to Keith, and he also wasn't afraid to move around in the crowd to a stage at the back of the arena, and then actually in the crowd at one point!

The other thing I loved was the way he introduced his band. Normally an act will say their name and what they play, they get a bit of a solo, and then onto the next one. Keith Urban introduced each of them individually and they all got to sing a short song, and I have to say all three of them could sing really, really well! It just seemed so genuine!

Oh, and for all that this show was completely awesome, it was completely kid friendly

If there had been another Melbourne concert tonight, and there were tickets available, oh, and I didn't already have something else on, I totally would go again. I might however choose to go with a different companion. I am not sure why but at every concert I go to I seem to come home with a story. Generally that story will be about someone else, but this time, it will be my son that people will go home telling a story about!

Last time Keith Urban came to Australia, I was all set to go and see him with a couple of friends, but his Melbourne concert happened to coincide with my grandfather's 100th birthday, so I figured that I should go to that instead. There was no way known I wasn't going this time but everyone who might have been willing either had something else on or couldn't go this time. I didn't want to go by myself so I took my 12 year old son. He was keen and eager, but I am thinking he didn't quite enjoy himself as much as I did.

Unfortunately  his pillow (i.e. me) wouldn't sit still, so he had to find a more comfortable position to sleep in.

I am not exactly sure how you sleep for more than an hour at a rock concert, let alone sleep in that position but he managed it!


  1. I love Keith Urban, too! Glad you enjoyed the concert. :)

  2. Glad you had a good time at the concert. It's nice that he gives his fans a decent performance & it's not just about making money. I can't imagine how anyone could sleep through the noise. Cute pics! :)

  3. I can't imagine how you sleep through the noise either Violet!

    Julie, it was an awesome, awesome concert!

  4. I couldn't imagine how he would be able to sleep through a Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban concert. Those acts are two of the best in country music! Are you sure he didn't wake up when Lady A performed Need You Now? Whenever I hear that song, it captures my attention and doesn't let go. Ooh, I hope that someday your son will appreciate attending concerts more.

  5. That was the last song that Lady Antebellum played and he was still awake then. He fell asleep about three songs into Keith Urban.

    I hope so too. I certainly appreciated them!