Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Salon: Reading for a good cause

Like so many of you, I was an avid reader as a child. Whilst I didn't need any added incentive to spend my time lost in the pages of a book, I do remember being very excited each year when it was MS Read-a-thon time! What's better than reading a book? Being sponsored to read as many books as you can in a specified time period!

To be honest, when the form comes home with my son, I still get a little bit excited at the thought of MS Read-a-thon even though I am far too old to be part of the target audience. The event has now been running successfully for more than 30 years. I was therefore very pleased when I got an email this week from the good people at the MS Society announcing that they have started The Novel Challenge for those of us who don't quite qualify for the school kids fundraising event anymore.

What is The Novel Challenge?:

The Novel Challenge is a reading-based fundraiser where literary-minded adults are invited to raise much-needed funds for people living with multiple sclerosis by getting sponsored to read, read, read!

According to the website, you can choose to read during July, August or September (or all three which is what I will be doing!), there are suggested reading lists, ideas for fundraising and more.

There are more than 20000 Australians living with Multiple Sclerosis. One of those is a member of my family, and so I am definitely planning to sign up and do something I love to help raise money for this important cause.

If you would like to sponsor me, then please visit my individual fundraising page.

Do you have a favourite charity that you read for? Do you have some reading related fund raising tips?


  1. I also loved anything involving a readathon at school (esp. if it got me out of a run-/bike-/etc.-athon) and particularly remember the MS Readathons. I've popped over and left a donation - good luck with this challenge!

  2. Oh very fun! My son is just now coming in to reading age so I think I'm headed for this sort of fun very soon. Wahoo! ;O)

  3. I'm glad you shared this with the Blogging World. I'm certain there are many grownup readers who would love to participate in this event.

    Here's my Sunday Salon.

  4. I think this is an amazing idea! I had no idea that there were fundraising challenges like this. Its wonderful you're participating!

  5. This is a really amazing idea and I am glad that you are participating in it! I also admire you for going for it three times in consecutive months! Good luck to you!

  6. What an awesome challenge! Enjoy it, even as you push ahead for your goal.


  7. I remember doing these. I loved them as a kid. I wish my kids school would do this.