Thursday, June 02, 2011

When I am not reading ....

Whilst it is not a passion, I do have one other hobby - buying scrapbooking equipment! Every now and again I put that equipment to use by actually making cards! I have posted photos of a few of my cards over the years, but the reality is that the gulf between cardmaking and my real passion (reading and talking about reading) is huge!

Every month I go to a card making class and attempt to do a project, but the reality is that I spend most of my time talking and I don't often actually finish the class! I have loads of unfinished projects lying around the house.

One of the things we do each month are card swaps, where you have to come up with a design of your own using a particular theme as inspiration. It's lucky we do this actually as otherwise I would never make anything at all at home by myself!

In March the theme was shapes. I wanted to make some kind of pop up star card, but in the end went with this design, which I like but it is a bit too dark.

The April theme was Ribbon, and I was pretty darned happy with my design until I saw the amazing ones that everyone else came up with! Oh well. It could be said that I may be a little bit harder on myself than other people may be!

For May the theme was embossing which is a technique that I have been doing for a long time, but I still wanted to try something new. I therefore tried to make a flip flop card. While I really like the idea of the card, I am not very happy with the result. . I like the concept of the bird being caged and then free, but if I was to make it again I would construct it a little differently. Other people seemed to like it though

I thought instead of just putting up a photo I would put up a very short video showing why the card is called a flip flop card. It actually wasn't that hard to make, once you got all the measurements down. Don't mind the background stuff.

My standard disclaimer applies when it comes to the photos - one of these days I will get better at taking photos.


  1. How clever! Love the flip flop card, it looks totally professional! I'm impressed.

  2. I love your flip-flop card. Thanks for the video, which I've watched over and over. I see the dimensions, but I have a feeling it would be harder than I imagine to make it look as perfect as yours. Belle is right -- it looks totally professional.

  3. Oh wow!!! I am just not talented with such things. I like words and I like running and getting dirty. Those are pretty much my talents! :O)

  4. I also like to scrapbook, and have tons of stuff that I have collected over the years to do it with! I am not so good at cards because I think the limited space is a problem for me. I do really love your cards though, and think that you have a lot of talent with them. I particularly like the one with the ribbon.

  5. I love how you admit that your hobby is "buying scrapbooking equipment"! So honest. ;)

    Darling flip card!! Looks like fun to make and give.

  6. Your hobby sounds like mine, only, quite unfortunately, mine includes not only scrapbooking equipment (and papers - oh, the papers!) but all manner of art supplies as well. I probably should join some sort of class or group just so I actually start using some of the things I have piled up around the house.

  7. You have a nice loot here. Enjoy your reads!

  8. Shoot! The video didn't work for me. I'll try again later. I haven't gotten into scrap booking or card making, but I love the examples you shared.

  9. Dang it. Says video not available for me :(

  10. I really enjoy scrapbooking but haven't pulled out all my 'stuff' in years. Photos continue to pile up in boxes and are all unorganized. I like the cards - very nice.



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