Thursday, August 25, 2011

My first blog tour failure...

I don't know about you, but I have a certain process that I go through when I sign up for a specific date for a book review. I save a place holder post so I remember the date that has been agreed. I add the book to my list with the due date being the day before the review so that I know the book will get read in time and generally that works just fine.

So what didn't work this time in this almost foolproof system?

Well, I forgot to make sure that I had received the book until I went to organise the books I was going to read this week and realised that I didn't have it!  I have turned the house upside down in case I put it somewhere I don't normally. Previously when I haven't received a tour book I managed to buy the ebook but unfortunately it isn't available to Australians (grrrrr to geo restrictions) and the book isn't out here until October so I couldn't even go to the shops to pick it up.

So, it is with a very guilty conscience that I have to say sorry to TLC Booktours because for the first time since I started doing blog tours a couple of years ago I don't have a review ready for a book I have committed to read. It is doubly disappointing for me because the reason I signed up for this tour is that I really wanted to try out one of this author's books as I have really liked the sound of all his other ones.

This is a poor substitute I know, but here are the details of the book that I was supposed to read:

Lucy Derrick is a young woman of good breeding and poor finances. After the death of her beloved father, she is forced to maintain a shabby dignity as the unwanted boarder of her tyrannical uncle, fending off marriage to a local mill owner. But just as she is on the cusp of accepting a life of misery, events take a stunning turn when a handsome stranger—the poet and notorious rake Lord Byron—arrives at her house, stricken by what seems to be a curse, and with a cryptic message for Lucy. Suddenly her unfortunate circumstances are transformed in ways at once astonishing and seemingly impossible.

With the world undergoing an industrial transformation, and with England on the cusp of revolution, Lucy is drawn into a dangerous conspiracy in which her life, and her country’s future, are in the balance. Inexplicably finding herself at the center of cataclysmic events, Lucy is awakened to a world once unknown to her: where magic and mortals collide, and the forces of ancient nature and modern progress are at war for the soul of England . . . and the world. The key to victory may be connected to a cryptic volume whose powers of enchantment are unbounded.

Now, challenged by ruthless enemies with ancient powers at their command, Lucy must harness newfound mystical skills to prevent catastrophe and preserve humanity’s future. And enthralled by two exceptional men with designs on her heart, she must master her own desires to claim the destiny she deserves.
And now for the details of people who are way more organised than me and actually read the book!

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And again.....sorry, sorry, sorry!


  1. Don't feel bad Marg. This has happened to me before as well, which is almost impossible, as I catalog every book that comes into the house, and still I missed the fact that it wasn't here! I know that Trish and the others are a very understanding group of ladies, and will appreciate your honesty. I do want to read this book too, I should mention!

  2. I understand the feeling. About four months ago I read and reviewed a novel for a journal dedicated to self-publishing. And last week I had an email from the editor saying they hadn't received my review and was I going to send it some time soon? I blame my computer for crashing, re-setting itself and generally mangling everything up. But secretly I'm pretty sure it must have been just me - forgot to hit send.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself! I have a blog tour post up today on a book I couldn't finish because I disliked it so much. Did the giveaway instead. :)

  4. The same as Carrie, I recently did my first "sorry I just couldn't finish this book" post. It's difficult not to review when it's a tour because everything's been planned. Maybe you didn't receive the book at all?

  5. Oh, no! Don't feel bad; it obviously has happeend to the best of us. I often find that my issue is finding the right amount of lead time to start a book to get finished by the date. Which is TOTALLY my fault vs. someone else's. I end up cramming like I'm back in college which I am WAY too old for!

  6. Ohno! That's my worst fear! How stressful -- you're a diligent and classy blogger so I know you're beating yourself up but as others have said, don't be too hard on yourself. :/

  7. I know how you feel. I thought I was being so careful to get everything in order for a tour last month but I missed the date! There was no particular reason or excuse, I just didn't post it on the right day. Thankfully, the author is a really nice lady and she didn't hold it against me that the post was a day late. I guess these things just happen sometimes and it is best not to stress too much. :)

  8. I missed a blog tour last year because of everything that happened with Lorrie's sister, so I just never signed up for one again until just recently... There is one tour company that the books never seem to make it to me, but I usually notice in time to say, um, no book...

  9. Don't worry... just the cover and detailed blurb is enough to make me seek it out and just think, if you hadn't found my brownie recipe, I'd never have found you! Can't tell you how good it is to find an Ozzie book blogger. And such a navigable blog as well!

  10. Hee, oops! :) I've messed up a heap of times as well--once I quite simply forgot, and another time I messed up the time zones. I also mucked up one for my wedding blog because I didn't receive my interview responses in time. It happens to all of us. :)

    Looks like a great read, though!

  11. Stephanie, I had one where the book didn't turn up but I bought the ebook version and still read it in time.

    Mesmered, thanks for stopping by!

    Kailana, I am not sure why I didn't notice. Oh well.

    Lieder, can't do a lot about it except say sorry I guess!

    Audra, I try to meet commitments if I make them.

    Pam, I may have done that before!

    Charlie, I am pretty sure I didn't receive it at all.

    Carrie, that is always a dilemna as well.

    Oh yes, have been there too Rob!

    Zibilee, I catalogue everything as well, which is why I am pretty sure I never received it.

  12. Darn, I'm sorry this one didn't work out Marg!

  13. It's ok!!!! No worries! But I would like to know what happened to that book! Will see what I can find out. SO sorry this happened!