Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coming Soon: The Strangers on Montagu Street by Karen White

Given that this book is coming out next week there hasn't much buzz until the last few days! As soon as I saw that it was coming out I put in a request at the library but it was really when I read the blurb yesterday that I got a bit excited. This is the third book in the Tradd Street series. One of these days I will read some of Karen White's other books too!

Can't wait to see how this all plays out!

Psychic Realtor Melanie Middleton returns — only to be greeted by a house full of lost souls.

With her relationship with Jack as shaky as the foundation of her family home, Melanie’s juggling a number of problems.  Like restoring her Tradd Street house — and resisting her mother’s pressure to “go public” with her talent, a sixth sense that unites her to the lost souls of the dead.  But Melanie never anticipated her new problem…

Her name is Nola, Jack’s estranged young daughter who appears on their doorstep, damaged, lonely, and defiantly immune to her father’s attempts to reconnect.  Melanie understands the emotional chasm all too well.  As a special, bonding gift, Jack’s mother buys Nola an antique dollhouse — a precious tableaux of a perfect Victorian family.  Melanie hopes the gift will help thaw Nola’s reserve and draw her into the family she’s never known.

At first, Nola is charmed, and Melanie is delighted — until night falls, and the most unnerving shadows are cast within its miniature rooms.  By the time Melanie senses a malevolent presence she fears it may already be too late.  A new family has accepted her unwitting invitation to move in — with their own secrets, their own personal demons, and a past that’s drawing Nola into their own inescapable darkness…  


  1. I got the chance to hear White speak about this book and some of her others at SIBA this year, and have to admit that she was captivating. I haven't read these books yet, but I have the second and third, and need to get the first one. It sounds as if it's going to be excellent. Thanks for the spotlight, Marg!

  2. Thanks Liz, but US and Canada giveaways are no good for me as I live in Australia!

    Zibilee, I think she would be a fun author to meet!

  3. Yes, I know, but for readers of your blog who aren't.

  4. Sounds good actually - another added to my TBR LOL

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out