Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas in Wattle Street - Kath

Last week I posted a couple of Christmas based excerpts from Empire Day by Diane Chamberlain. Today and tomorrow we are going to revisit some of those same characters.

Today's quote comes from page 291

After giving Meggsie a bed bath and massaging his back and legs, Kath went into the kitchen to make the Christmas pudding. Whenever she thought about Christmas she let out a long sigh. She'd managed to scrape together a few shillings to buy the boys some comic books, socks and a cricket ball, but she'd only be able to put rabbit on the table this year - a turkey was out of the question. Lost in her thoughts, she was stirring her worries into the dough along with the sultanas, and throwing in a few silver threepences, when the doorbell rang.

She wiped her floury hands on her apron and hurried to the door, but before she got there she could hear hoarse voices singing 'Jingle Bells'. Collecting money for some charity she supposed. She opened the door and was about to say she was sorry she couldn't spare anything, when she stepped back in surprise. On her doorstep stood Mick Kelly and Bob Longley from the pub, and they were struggling with a large cardboard box.

"This fell off a truck the other day and we thought maybe you could use it," Mick said. Thrusting the box into her hands, he mumbled, "Merry Christmas, love," and before she could thank them they'd gone.

Inside the box was the biggest turkey she'd ever seen, a leg of ham, a bag of potatoes and a box of biscuits.

Kath rushed to Meggsie's room. "It's a miracle, that's what it is," she kept saying as she sat down on the edge of his bed. "We'll have a proper Christmas now. All we need is another miracle to make you well."


  1. I love these quotes you have been posting, and think that I really want to read this book when I get a chance. I also have a funny aside: I always thought that a sultana was a nut, like a cashew or something, until I found out it was like a raisin! It seems to make so much more sense!

  2. I love these posts - I wish I could read more and wish I was better and pulling out quotes as you do. I am inspired (and a huge Diana Gabaldon fan, so hope you are enjoying Echo in the Bone!)

    I tagged you in an award post today too. The Versatile Blogger Award is waiting for you if you are interested...the red carpet begins at