Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Linda Lael Miller stops by.....

As part of the blog tour to celebrate Big Sky Country, Linda Lael Miller is stopping by today with a guest post asking a very unfair question really? Isn't asking a writer which is her favourite character just like asking which of the kids is her favourite?

Do you prefer Slade or Hutch?

Well, heck, that’s a hard one, because I’m crazy about both of them. Slade is the strong, silent type, physically patterned after a young Rob Lowe (I had his shirtless Vanity Fair cover framed and kept it on my desk throughout.) He’s big on honor and integrity, and he’s really gun-shy because of a love gone wrong. Hutch is strong, too, but he’s outspoken and reckless. Where Slade will examine an issue from all angles, Hutch tends to jump right in and worry about the details later. Because they’re both LLM heroes, they have certain qualities in common: they want a woman who is an equal, and a partner, they love kids, they love animals, and they will always try to do the right thing. Like “real” people, they sometimes get it wrong, despite all their good intentions. They both have a sense of humor, Slade’s being dry and understated, while Hutch’s is more wisecrack dependent. They never look for a fight, but they never run away from one, either. I’m often asked if I wish real men were like my heroes—truth be told, I think there are a lot of very fine men out there, doing their jobs, loving their women, raising their children to be good citizens.

To find more stops on the tour, which includes excerpts, Q and A's as well as the chance to win a copy of the book and a fun cowboy inspired charm necklace!

Find out all the details here or click on the image above.

Later today, I will be posting my review of the first book in this trilogy, Big Sky Country and then next month I will be reading and reviewing the second book in the trilogy, Big Sky Mountain.


  1. What a fantastic book trailer... i loved this! I just finished reading Big Sky Country and fell in love with Slade. Perhaps when it's Hutch's story in one of the next books i will change my mind...

  2. I still really need to read The Night Circus. I hope I can get to it soon! Thanks for stopping by yesterday!