Saturday, August 25, 2012

Photoaday August

Normally on a Saturday I post something for Weekend Cooking. Having already posted for that earlier, I was thinking about what I could post instead, and I realised that I haven't mentioned that I have been participating in #photoaday during August so I decided to post some photos most of which were taken on my phone as I was out and about. I was conscious though that I have had some pretty photo heavy posts recently (given that I am not that great at photography the irony of that has not escaped me).

However, I was playing around in the android app stories and found some apps that you can use to make frames etc for your photos and so instead of 20 or so photos we instead have a few frames! I  have been lots of fun playing with Photogrid in particular (the beta version) where you choose your photos and then you shake your phone and it changes the make up of the collage - hours of entertainment!

1. Outside
2. One
3. Coin - I was trying to capture a spinning coin
4. Somewhere I sat

5. Logo
6. Writing
7. 8 o'clock (or close to anyway!)
8. Glasses

9. Messy
10. Ring
11. Purple
12. Spoon

13. Simple
14. Arrow
15. Ready
16. Food

17. Faces
18. Inside (the State Library)
19. Hole (in the shopping centre roof)
20. Today (it was my friend's birthday that day!)

21. Cool (Mali in the city)
22. Home
23. Pair
24. Path

Next week I will have the final week of photos for August plus a few others that you haven't seen yet over the last couple of weeks!


  1. Love the idea of Photogrid! Going to check if it's available for iPhone now. I love your pics.

    1. I am pretty sure you can get it for Iphone. I have been playing around with the Beta version. So many different variations!

  2. I like it, it's fun! I wouldn't say you're not good at photography at all - they're pretty good, especially the flower which is very crisp.

    1. Not bad considering I have just been using my phone!

  3. Yeah, shaking the phone is the best part. :) Great pictures!

  4. Nice pictures, great post guys!