Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winner of Vanity Fare giveaway

Mmmm..... donuts!

Before I announce the winner of the giveaway I was running for Vanity Fare by Megan Caldwell, I thought I would share the entries I got to my competition question. In case you don't recall, I asked entrants to come up with a marketing blurb for donuts. Not everyone did this, but it didn't matter because it wasn't a condition of entry. I did mention that I would be sharing the results here, so here they are:

Free Girl Eating Yummy Pink Donut Creative Commons

Meg from A Bookish Affair started us off with a Donut Haiku

Sprinkled frosted love:
The food gods loving offer
You must eat one now!!!"

My Sweet Valentine free creative commons

Twisty J from Twisting the Lens ode to the Long John (which I think we call eclairs here although we have both the ones made with donut mix and choux pastry)

Jam-filled, cream-filled or twisted, the long john donut can find happiness in the belly of anyone!  

No Donuts
Samstillreading isn't a fan

 "Fat, sugar, cream...short cut your way to a heart attack! 

 (You might guess that I don't like donuts!)"

Michelle from Peaceful Reader

 "Donuts are just squishy bagels with sprinkles, can we get some, please?" said my son to me.

Mmm... donuts

And finally Stephanie from Read in a Single Sitting

Sweet, curvy and with a heart of jam: what more could you ask for?

I can tell you I gave myself a donut craving looking for all these images!

Anyway, enough of that!

I used to pick the winner from the entrants, and the winner is

Twisty J from Twisting the Lens

I will be emailing the winner for their postal details. Thanks to everyone for participating, especially those who joined in on the donut fun!


  1. Cute slogans! I love donuts but I hardly eat them. Very health conscious, I know... LOL

    1. We should all be a bit health conscious!

  2. Congratulations, Twisty J! I love her ode to long johns. It is perfect for that wonderful confection. I like doughnuts plenty, but rarely eat them. I need one now though!!

    1. I gave myself a craving when I did this post too!

  3. Now I'm craving a I didn't know some called eclairs long johns. I've got Vanity Fare on my wish list. Congrats to the winner.

  4. Now the world knows to send me chocolates instead! Well done Twisty J!