Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Salon: Bookish Photo a Day Challenge #estellagram

Since joining Instagram a few months ago, I have tried to join in on the Photo A Day style challenges that happen each month. Some months I am a better than others but the most common outcome is that I run out of steam before the end of the month. For example, in February I was doing the #fmsphotoaday challenge and had photos up for the first three weeks but I just didn't do any of the final week's prompts. In March, I put up photos for a couple of days but no more.

Despite the fact that I don't often finish the challenges I was very excited to see a couple of bookish challenges appear for the month of March. While I might try the one being run by Book Soulmates next month, for March I am going to attempt to complete The Estella Society Bookish Photo a Day challenge.

Today I am going to share my photos for March 1 to 10

Day 1 - bookshelves - getting towards needing to cull and reorganise both of these! #estellagram #bookishphotoaday#books

Day 2 - tbr - just the library books#estellagram #bookishphotoaday#books #catchingup
Day 3 - unread - even though bookclub is tomorrow night - eeek #estellagram#bookishphotoaday #books
Day 4 - fiction - my current read#estellagram #books

Day 5 - non fiction - one of the few non fiction books i have out from the library#estellagram #books

A sentiment you will never hear me express #whoadorescleaning #notme. Just realised that this could be my day 6 photo for #estellagram because this is a mystery to me!

Day 7 - it will be a #crime if i return this to the library unread... Again#estellagram

Audiobooks are awesome for when you are travelling even if it is just to work and back #estellagram #books#audiobooks

#day 9 I had every intention of baking today but it's too hot so my reading snack today is ice cream with milo#estellagram #longhotsummer

10. Reading space - i have recently been reminded that i need to get back to reading this series (which is set in space. #estellagram #books

Are you playing along with the challenge?

I do have a question for those of you that use Instagram and put the photos up on your blogs. What is the easiest way to do this? In the past I have shared to Facebook but you have to do that when you create the photo otherwise it doesn't work. I don't necessarily won't to put all those photos up on my FB page either so today I have uploaded from my phone to my computer and then to the blog which is a bit slow and laborious.

Currently Reading

Hope's Road by Margareta Osborn and listening to Tuscan Rose by Belinda Alexandra

Up Next

The Perils of Pleasure by Julie Ann Long


  1. I'm wishing I had Instagram because those 2 challenges look like fun! For getting photos to your blog - maybe you can send the photos to Flickr and then link to them in your blog post. I can't think of a way to get all the photos you want to group together in one blog post.

    1. Instagram seems to be the place where I spend most of my time these days!

  2. I've seen a few people doing this challenge, I wish I'd known about it, it looks like a lot of fun! Great pics.
    You can access Instagram online on your computer now, so I usually either save pics to my desktop from there or hotlink.

    1. I am sure you could still join in from now

      From the desktop it only allows you to save as a webpage which doesn't work, and hotlinking doesn't work either because it says that because there is a password on Instagram it can't get past that!

      Never mind, got there in the end!

  3. I like to post a photo a day to twitter, just to remind myself what I've been doing, but I don't use instagram very much, so I'm no use in answering your question. What's the book with the *weirdo* who enjoys cleaning, btw?!

    1. That was A Winter's Tale by Trisha Ashley, about a woman who inherits a run down stately home.

  4. I've joined both challenges, but like you, I'm not very good at challenges. However, I've learned if I don't do every day, that's all right. to follow you now on Instagram...if I'm not already. :)

  5. You know, I had the same question about Instagram and sharing. For FB, I don't automatically share every picture with the platform. #Estellagram was such a great idea. I probably wouldn't have given Instagram a try without it.

  6. Don't have instagram anymore...BUT, I loved your pictures! Great photography of some great book titles :D

  7. I'm having a lot of fun with this one, mostly because I find that it's easy to satisfy the prompts, either in a straightforward manner or a bit quirkily. With the other challenges I often found it hard to find things to post (maybe because I am not out and about enough!). I might try the other one next month too.

  8. Looks like lots of fun!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  9. The Handmaid's Tale has been recommended to me so many times. Its on my to read list! :)