Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Library Loot: January 21 to 27

Not much loot to share this week! In fact, it is a bit of an odd loot really. There are two CDs, which is not that odd but then there is a book which is one that I just listened to on audio so I am not going to actually read it!

Here's what I got

Breath by Tim Winton - I actually listened to this book over the last week or so but I needed to borrow it so that I can find a quote from it. It is too hard to transcribe a long quote from the audio! Basically, I will be finding the quote and then returning both versions to the library pretty much straight away.

Tribute by John Newman - When it comes to music I am a bit all over the place. I am a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and at the moment I am a LOT dance music. I love the song Love Me Again and I am seriously tempted to try and get it as my ring day.

Home by Rudimental - I really like the song Free off of this album but  now I take a closer look at the song list I notice that there are several John Newman collaborations on this one too!

Linda has Mr Linky this week so head to her blog to share your library loot links.

Here's Love Me Again



  1. I am bad at writing down quotes period. I meant to this year, but hasn't really happened.

  2. Yes, well. This year soo far there have been 3 I was going to save as Bookish Quotes but so far I haven't actually managed any of them. There's still time though!



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