Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Salon: 2014 Reading Resolutions

I realised last night that if I was going to still post my reading resolutions for this year in the first month of the year, I really needed to get a move on and write this post today! It is Australia Day here though, so I have plans involving a beach and a barbecue so I had best get on with it!

I have been thinking about what my goals are going to be for this year and I did have quite a few that I was contemplating. Most years, they are pretty similar. Read more Aussie authors, read some of the books I own, read a classic etc, but I think I am gooing to keep it pretty simple this year.

I set my Goodreads reading goal at 200 books for the year but I already know I am not going to make that goal. Goodreads is very helpfully telling me that I am already 7 books behind target and it isn't even the end of January yet! A couple of years ago I read 290, last year was 220 but as I mentioned in my wrap up for last year, I can quite clearly see a drop in my reading which corresponds with starting to drive to work rather than catching the train (and possibly with playing stupid Facebook games too!) I think 150 is a more realistic target, but even that might be stretching it a bit!

In terms of the challenges that I am participating in, at this stage it is the Australian Women Writer's Challenge and the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge. Last year I made the HF challenge for myself by saying that I am only counting Australian authors for it, but I don't think I will restrict myself in that way this year. I have a hard enough writing reviews for any books I read let alone placing additional restrictions on myself!  I am planning to participate in Carl's challenges as usual (although I have managed to completely miss the Sci-Fi Experience already), and I am contemplating an audiobook challenge but I think that will be about it!

See, keeping it really simple this year!

Have you set your reading resolutions for this year? Do you have lots of goals or just a couple?

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  1. I would definitely read more if I hadn't discovered Candy Crush Saga. ;-) I see a lot of bloggers simplifying things this year - perhaps there's a sort of burnout from just too much of a good thing.

  2. I set my goodreads number to 150 which is about 20 more than I read last year. I'm on track so far.

  3. I don't really care too much about the number of books I read, but I'm trying o up the amount of books I read by authors of color. That's probably my only reading goal for the year.

  4. Am amazed at your reading the past years. I will probably struggle to make my goal of 100. Good luck this year!

  5. No one should be sad about 150 books read! That is magnificent.

    Enjoy your reads! Here's my Sunday Salon!

  6. I am only aiming for 100. Who knows if I will get there. Quite the decrease for me over the years. Oh, well... I can't even blame Facebook games. haha. Good luck with your resolutions. :)

  7. I have no goals beyond reading whatever I want to read this year. I'm even setting numbers aside this year, but your goals do look good and simple. Simple always is the key, however, one defines simple. :)

  8. I think you did wonderfully with your reading last read! Public transport vs car really makes a difference but it's also about convenience and safety too.

    I like some reading resolutions but I always feel like I have to do them right now and cross them off my list! This year I've set a couple, we'll see how things turn out.

  9. I think all I'm hoping to do this year is keep plugging along. I need to simplify and destress ... and that includes doing away with reading goals.

  10. I read about a book a week which must seem slow to you but it suits me. I think I want to read the Aussie book The Daughters of Mars by Thomas Keneally. Have you read that one?