Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday Salon: 2014 stats

It would be remiss of me to not do a round up of my reading for 2014. Of course, that  also gives me yet another opportunity to lament how badly my 2014 reading really went.

Let's stop talking about what I didn't read and concentrate on what I did read.  I was quite pleased and a little surprised, to see that there were 15 books that I rated as being rated 4.5 or higher. There was only one book that I rated as a 5/5 read though.

And what an awesome book it was. Given that it was the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I it is fitting that the one book that I gave the maximum rating to was a book that explored that time. In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose MacColl follows a young woman who travels from Australia to look for her brother who has joined up despite the fact that he is underage. She becomes a nurse in a hospital in France. We follow both Iris's story as a nurse and her grand daughter Grace who works as a doctor but is having trouble balancing work with her role as a wife and mother. An excellent read on many levels.

So let's get stuck into some stats.

I only read a grand total of 66 books in 2014. 66!!  Last year I talked about the fact that I only read 219 books. Now I am thinking that 219 was a really good effort. I know for some people that 66 people would be a good total, but for me it is my worst reading year in at least 10 to 15 years. It is also important to put that in perspective.  As at June I had read 54 books. That means that in the last six months of the year I only read 12. And even that is a bit misleading because I only read one book in both November and December!

So I mentioned previously that in 2013 I was a bit disappointed with my total of 219 books and that was because the previous year I read a massive 291 books. I also could justify that a little because I read a lot of big books in 2013 but that isn't the case in 2014 either. All up, I read a total of 22696 pages. A fair proportion of the books I have read were by new to me authors - a total of 28.

Last year I was pretty much evenly split between reading in e-books and print with a good chunk being listened to in audio books. 2014 was different because I barely read any e-books and I pretty much stopped listening to audio books late in the year too. Or that is how it feels anyway. Let's have a look at the chart and see how it really was.

In terms of the quality of the books that I read, my go to grade continues to be 4/5, something that I don't envisage changing any time soon, but I as I mentioned above I was pleased that such a high proportion of them were 4.5 or 5 out of 5.

As usual, I continue to predominantly read books written by female authors. Given that this has been so consistent for a few years now I don't see this actually changing anytime soon.

My genre reading stayed pretty consistent with previous years. Romance tends to dominate with general fiction, historical fiction and YA. 

A few other little stats. 

My participation in the Australian Women Writers Challenge continues to influence my reading in a big way. This year, 24 of the books I read were by Australian female authors. It is hard to believe that it is only a couple of years since I was happy to just read 10 books by Aussie authors, regardless of gender! The only other challenge that I made any progress in was the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge where I read 12 books.

This year I reread 3 books. One of these was a surprise to me. I read a book which I didn't remember at all. It was only when I went to add it into my spreadsheet that I realised that it was already there!!

And there we have it. 2014 in a nutshell. Whilst I think that I will probably have the same kind of reading this year as I did last year I do hope that I can be a bit more consistent throughout the year rather than practically stopping reading at all in the latter part of the year.

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Lets just see if we can finish one book before we worry about the next one!!


  1. Still a respectable number Marg and You accomplished so much in other areas! You'll just have to master reading on the treadmill :)

    1. I haven't done any reading on the treadmill. I either watch music videos or sport on there.

      You can clearly see the point where I started to make those other changes in the stats. April is around where I started losing weight for example.

  2. I am impressed with your stats and your keeping track in so much detail. Here's to another good reading year, not how many books but the quality of reading and book!

    1. I have a spreadsheet that I have been using for a number of years now that helps keep track of a lot of this stuff! Makes it easier at the end of the year. Still have to sit down and actually write the post though! lol

  3. Oh I love your graphs! Thanks for sharing your stats. You know, I had one of my worst reading years last year too but there's always this year. At least you had some very good reads so there is that!

  4. Beautiful graphs! I'm happy with any number over 50 for books read in a year -- so you did great by my measure!

  5. Love the graphs! I'm impressed that you kept stats (I'm so bad). And, hey, at least were still reading and that's what's important.

  6. Happy New Year Marg! I love seeing what other people have read and the sorts of books they have read. I have the Macoll and have heard many good things about it--looking forward to reading it sometime soon!

  7. So, if you don't mind my asking, do you know why your reading fell off so drastically? I know why mine did - I had a kind of breakdown at work, and for two months could barely pick a book up. I wasn't really able to read much until this Christmas. I'm hoping I can meet my target of 100 books this year. For you though, that is such a sharp drop. Do you find you are missing reading, or is there something else you are doing that makes you not able to read, or not able to concentrate? my mother went almost a year without reading after her grandson (my nephew) was diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes the mind needs different things at different times. Here's hoping your 2015 is more comfortable for you.

    1. It's nice to see that someone understands. Not reading is so counter-productive. The less I read the more I worry about the fact that I'm not reading. And what about the books we don't finish ? After two or three unfinished books I start to worry, is it the book or is it me who wont let myself get lost in the book. Too early in the morning for such introspection.

  8. I didn't read very many books in 2014 either. I didn't track my reading (I'm doing that this year, though!) but I'm pretty sure I read less than 50 books. I've been realizing how much I miss reading - and how much I need that time. I love your stats, by the way! It's so nice to have a visual on what one has read.

  9. Thanks for the In Falling Snow recommendation. .i've just downloaded it from the Library and am looking forward to reading it.

  10. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  11. Nothing shabby about 66, Marg!

    In Falling Snow was one of my top ten books from 2013, it was gorgeous, can't wait for hew next book.

    I love your charts and graphs! I had forgotten you do those, and a couple of other bloggers... I would love to do that next time, if I remember next time!

    Happy New Year!