Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The movie list

I mentioned making a list of the movies I wanted to see over the next few months and so here it is!

Coming out soon

Loving - Feels like I have been waiting for this film to be released for months.

A Monster Calls - Bring the tissues!

Beauty and the Beast - I think I might do this one in Gold Class.

Hidden Figures - Story sounds fascinating

Moonlight - Was interested in seeing this after the Golden Globes where it did so well.

Rules Don't Apply - Not sure why but it looks good.

Manchester by the Sea -

Jasper Jones - Film of the book by Aussie author Craig Silvey

Fences - Don/t need to say anything more than Denzel Washington

Tulip Fever - Read the book a few years ago so interested to hear that it

Already out and I still need to see

Lion - Nothing to do with the movie, but Dev Patel's Aussie accent sounds very good

Rosalie Blum - We keep on saying we are going to go and see some foreign films but never quite get around to it.

Saw yesterday 


Movies I definitely don't want to see

50 Shades Darker

What are you looking forward to seeing soon?


  1. Great list, Marg! I saw Hidden Figures this past weekend and it was great! I'm really glad that I saw it. What did you think about Allied? I have no interest in seeing 50 Shades Darker either. Meh.

  2. Just read A Monster Calls, so that's catapulted it onto my list. I have saved up enough points to do Beauty & the Beast in Gold Class, been doing it ever since my daughter and I saw the glass dome with the rose in the Gold Class foyer. Yes indeed. Manchester by the Sea, because of Casey Affleck. I think he's one of the most underrated actors ever, he is brilliant. Jasper Jones, because the book is amazing. I saw the stage play at the Belvoir in Sydney last year, and it was also incredible. Seeing Lion in a week, can't wait. Dev Patel is luminous on screen in anything, and it really does sound like he's nailed the Aussie accent, no mean feat. I saw Allied, and it just about did my head in. Was she or wasn't she? Very intense, and Marion Cotillard is another actor who is incredibly luminous and beautiful on screen. I like your list! Might look up a few more. I've just seen Moana, and it was toe-tapping terrific. My fave kid film this summer was Trolls, for the happy-happy feeling, the colour, the movement and fun, and the soundtrack.

  3. I am atrocious at making it to the movies, so I probably will not end up seeing any of these until they are on DVD...

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