Saturday, January 11, 2020

Weekend Cooking: Obsessed with Bakeitbox

A couple of years ago I started buy Bake It Box which is a monthly box where you get sent instructions, tools (such as disposable baking trays, food colouring and icing tips) and all the dry ingredients in order to make a bake that I would most likely never choose to make by myself.

Every time I complete a bake I put the printed instruction into a display book, and recently, I realised that my book is full! Now that means I get to start a  new book!

This week I thought I would share what I have made since starting on my Bake It Box journey. Just looking through all the photos reminds me of how delicious they all were and that there are several that I am thinking I should make again one day!

Mirror Glaze Heart Cake (Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and a mirror glaze). I posted about making this cake here.

Pattern Swiss Roll Cake (Sponge with salted caramel cream filling)

Vanilla Custard Cake (posted here)

Marbled Sugar Cookies

Burger Cake

Lemon Meringue Mousse Cake

Elderflower and Lemon Cake

Chocolate Chess Tart

Number Cookie Cake

Spooky Ghost Yoghurt Cake (Yoghurt and Raspberry Cake)

Emoji Cookie Dough Cake

Chocolate Drip Cake

Gingerbread Wreath Cupcakes 

Pull Apart Monkey Bread

Tres Leches Cakes

Heart Pinata Cookies (see the inside of these cookies here)

Coconut and Lime Cake

Black Forest "Choc Bar" Cake

Russian Honey Cake (see the steps involved in making this cake here)

Red Velvet Santa Cupcakes

Admittedly, this is an Australian company, but I am sure there would be similar options elsewhere. I have recommended this to lots of people as something that is really fun to do!

I do still have a few boxes here to make, which doesn't stop me from still anticipating each new box as it is announced!!

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  1. Wow! what great memories. Looks like you've done so serious baking.

    1. I can follow an instruction. Don't ask me to come up with my own designs!!

  2. Very impressive collection of cakes! You must have spent a lot of time creating the look as well as the taste.

    best... mae at

    1. Luckily the details of how to create the look are all included because I don't have a good enough imagination for this kind of stuff.

  3. I follow you on Insta and always look forward to your BakeIt Box posts. That spooky ghost is the cutest thing.