Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Statues and silos!

In my post last week I mentioned that we had recently visited a town colloquially known as Cowtown, and all down the main street there were a lot of painted statues of cows.

It got me thinking about the other statues we have come across both at home and on our travels, so I thought I would have a bit of fun by sharing some photos from various locations.

My interest in this kind of thing started with the baby elephant named Mali. Back in 2012 there were 50 painted elephants all around Melbourne to celebrate the birth of a baby elephant named Mali at the Melbourne Zoo. There was a map to help you find all of them, and my goodness, I walked all over this city so that I could say that I found them all.

When my son was in America for college he lived in a small town called Concordia in Kansas. In that town, there is a museum for the Orphan Trains remembering those children that were relocated from the East Coast to the midwest. All around Concordia there are statues representing some of the stories of the children involved. Whilst they aren't painted it was interesting to wander around this small town in Kansas and read some of the stories.

The first time we went to visit him, we had to drive from Concordia from Wichita, and along the way we stopped in a town called Lindborg in Kansas. The town claims to be Little Sweden, and all around the town there are painted wooden horses, known as dala. In addition to being a beautiful little town, there was also an awesome coffee shop there!

In Wichita, there is a large statue called The Keeper of the Plains. It looks amazing on a beautiful autumn day and spectacular when it is lit up at night. At the time we visited Wichita, there were mini versions scattered throughout the city. I say mini but they were all 10 foot tall painted statues. With limited time, we obviously didn't have time to find all of them, but we did find a couple of them.

Just in case you think that this is all about America, when we were in Capetown in South Africa, we stumbled across some painted rhinos at the docks in Capetown. Such a beautiful place.

 Whilst I have been talking about mini things, we have also spent some time wandering around the western part of Victoria looking at the painted silos that are out there. In due course we intend to go looking for more of these all round the country. We have seen maybe 6 silos, but all up there are about 35 across the country, and it turns out that there are 40 painted water towers as well. I feel a road trip coming on to go and look for some more of these

We did stumble across another painted silo when we were in Albany a month or so ago too.

I love these painted silos and can't wait to see more. As you can see from the video below there are some amazing pieces of art out there waiting to be appreciated

Have you come across some fun statues or something similar to the silos either in your home town or on your travels?


  1. What a lovely time you must have had finding all of these on your various trips. I remember long ago when there were cows all over Houston. I had no idea that these sorts of hide-and-seek adventures were being created all over the world. Beautiful.

    1. It's a lot of fun when you come across something like this Deb!