Friday, April 10, 2020

Alphabet 2020: B is for Bunny....Easter Bunny

I don't know about you, but it is almost a surprise to find that is Easter this weekend. It most definitely does not feel like it at all. We went to do our essential shopping last weekend and we saw all the shelves full of Easter chocolates and I couldn't help but wonder about sales because in theory people won't be going to the shops as much, and you can't get together with your family to exchange eggs and eat together.

Having said that though, earlier this week a couple of my team members were talking about how they had already eaten their kid's Easter eggs while they were working from home and so they are going to have to go and buy more!

I can't see that we are going to buy too many Easter eggs. As long as I get at least one Lindt gold rabbit (which I did) I will be happy. But don't feel too bad for us. We are not going to be going without.

The Easter bunny has some things in common with Santa, but other things are different. I mean, after all, the bunny travels all over the country delivering the eggs in the same way Santa does his presents, but as far as I know there's no real requirement for good behaviour. After all, you don't often hear parents admonishing their children that they better be good or else they won't get their Easter eggs, and there's certainly no song about this.

There was a threat to egg delivery this year, as there are a couple of states in Australia that have taken the unprecedented step of closing their state borders due to the COVID19. There is a very strict list of reasons why you are allowed to cross the border and delivering eggs isn't on that list. That does make one wonder how on earth the Easter Bunny was going to make all the deliveries this year.

Fortunately, in  amongst all the important policy making decisions, the Prime Minister has given a special exemption so all is well.

A couple of years ago we tried making hot cross bun but I think that this year we are going to make something a bit more chocolately! Although, I am now thinking that maybe I should try the hot cross buns again or maybe cinnamon scrolls.

My intention for this weekend is to make this Easter Egg Rocky Road slice! A while ago I made a peppermint slice with similar concepts which was delicious so I am looking forward to this one. I am not quite sure who we are going to share the slice with though!

Finally, I thought I would finish with my favourite Easter cartoon. I first saw this years ago, and it still makes me laugh!

By the way....I hope you read the title of this post in your best James Bond voice because that's how I wrote it!


  1. Happy Easter.
    It is a strange time at the moment. Stay safe

  2. I had been planning on making hot cross buns this year..and then panic buying and I haven’t been able to buy flour for six weeks!
    Enjoy the chocolates!

    1. We were at the shops earlier today Shelleyrae. There was toilet paper but flour was still a bit hard to come by. We wanted rice flour and there was none of that!

  3. I agree! I haven't even done my Easter shopping because I keep forgetting that I need to do it. I am planning to make our traditional Easter dinner (depending on what I can find in the store, of course)—ham, homemade rolls, green beans, potatoes, etc. My kids are too old to really care about coloring Easter eggs and when I mentioned that I might skip Easter baskets altogether this year none of them seemed to mind much. So, we'll do what we always do, just simplified—a family religious service in our home, Easter dinner, and a little Easter treat for each person (because it wouldn't be Easter without at least a LITTLE chocolate). Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. My son isn't fussed about easter eggs, as far as I know anyway. Too bad if he is!

      I hope you enjoy your simplified celebration.

      Happy Easter to you and yours Susan.