Friday, May 22, 2020

Alphabet 2020: H is for Heater

I know it's our turn to have winter and the northern hemisphere's turn for summer but brrrr! Winter has arrived with a vengeance. My feet are always freezing and my husband and I had our first ever "discussion" in the middle of the night about who was stealing all of the bed covers (he was....for the record).

I have had issues with my heating for a long time now. It kind of mostly works, except in our bedroom, but it keeps on cutting out and I have to go and reset using the remote control. I can  hear you all thinking why doesn't she just get it fixed.

I did attempt to do that a couple of years ago. I called in the heating guy and he took one look at the gas pipes and said there was an issue with them and so he couldn't fix it until that was resolved. After numerous calls to our gas company over several weeks (in late autumn with no heater) it was finally determined that we needed to replace all the gas pipes in the whole house which cost us about $3000. And the heating still wasn't fixed.

Ironically our cooling stopped working during this summer. The technician took one look at the motor and said it needs to be replaced which was going to cost about ....$3000. You can see why I am a bit reluctant to call a tradie at the moment.

I should say, I know that my idea of cold would probably make lots of you laugh and say that isn't cold but for this warm blooded Aussie it is! This week we had a day when it was only 13 degrees celsius (which is 55 degrees fahrenheit). Brrrrr! I know I wouldn't cope with winter in some other places but it is all about what you are acclimatised to.

I lived in the UK for 5 years and so I know that I can deal with slightly colder (but still not really really really cold). I had mornings where you woke up to that special kind of quietness that comes when it has snowed overnight, and worn layers and layers that you had to strip off every time you entered inside buildings.  The winter after I returned from the UK I didn't actually turn a heater on in the first winter because it just wasn't cold. The second winter after coming back, I had reacclimatised to our weather and it was cold again!

You would think that I have better things to post about than the weather but this is what is on my mind right now. Brrrrrr!!


  1. Hey, 55F is too chilly to be comfortable! On the other hand, it makes turning on that oven to bake a lot more appealing. LOL.

  2. Can I come over?! Haha... Our temps are getting close to 100 degrees and it'll be like this for the rest of the summer. I love our winters as we always have sunny skies in Texas but goodness, the heat is just too much for me. Typically we travel in the summer and go to cooler places but no travel this year. Oh well. Anyway, hope you win the coveted covers :)

    1. And in winter it is very normal to take a trip to warmer places but no travel for us this year either Iliana

  3. We're on the Oregon coast and our average temp this month was right around 55 degrees. It's not bad in the sun, but it's chilly if there's any breeze or if you're in the shade! I prefer 75(F), myself.

    1. 75 is more like it Les! My ideal temperature is probably about 80F



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