Friday, August 14, 2020

Alphabet 2020: Q for Quiet Please!

Actually, what I am hunting is reading time

As I have mentioned before here in Melbourne we are currently in stage 4 lockdown which basically means that we are only able to leave the house for only a couple of reasons, and we have a curfew from 8pm to 5am every night.

I have been working from home for 5 months now and, if anything, it is even more intense now than it was at the beginning. I have so much happening in the work space and there is still more coming. I am working long hours and it's really full on so by the end of the day it's all I can do to sit in front of the TV with the laptop on my lap and visit other people's blogs. Some days even that is too much.

This means that actual reading is suffering. The only time when I am getting any reading done tends to be in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. It's even too intense during working hours to really listen to audiobooks.

Of course, there are things that I could do to create some reading time. I have some games that I play everyday and I could stop doing those, but I like doing them. I could go to bed earlier but then I will probably go to sleep too early and be awake in the middle of the night, even more than I am right now.

Yesterday I was part of a leadership session and we were talking about how do you relax. Do you do anything creative?Some times on the weekend I am baking but during the week it is blogging that is my creative outlet. What that means though is that I turn off my work laptop and then come out and pick up my own laptop. And then I try to read on a Kindle or my phone. That's a lot of screen time.

Are you reading more or less now than you normally would have done?


  1. I retired at the end of December last year so we are both home. We had big plans to travel the US and get passports renewed - alas. I found that my reading increased for quite a while and then I had a short lag. It's sometimes maddening to just be home so, I am back at it again.

    There have been new books you and several other Australian and N.Z. bloggers have brought to my attention and so, I started a notebook with your suggestions.
    More than you wanted to know :-)

    1. Alas indeed Tina! So glad that you are getting some great recommendations!

  2. I'm reading about the same as usual, but staying up far too late and not getting enough sleep. My main mode of relaxation is to go for an hour-long walk every day. Our weather is very cooperative for that, but come winter, I'll need to invest in some waterproof pants and shoes. Last year, I walked on a treadmill at our gym when it was raining, but I don't think I want to do that this year.

    I wish our entire country would go into lockdown with curfews...

    1. I need to start walking. I have been very bad at that!

  3. Same as always here, but itchy feet from frustrated travel plans.
    I'm enjoying the cleaner air when I go walking the dog, and I realise now that I had got so used to traffic noise that I didn't notice it. But now I wake up in the morning when the curfew is lifted!

  4. I've been reading more and less. Way more sleepless nights worrying and stressing about work and everything, so I stayed up later reading.

    We are in Lock Down 3 and might move to level 2 this week....

  5. i stopped reading when covid hit, as i felt too depressed, but i'm getting back into it now. we are so darn lucky here in QLD with our Premier being so strong from the get-go about covid restrictions. I pray we don't get dragged back into lockdown... keep safe

    1. I hope you stay out of lockdown too. My stepson lives in Queensland and I think my husband is really missing being able to see him.

  6. I can totally relate to you. I've been working a lot more since the pandemic began and sometimes it's hard to concentrate on reading. So I end spending too much time on youtube watching crafting videos! haha I definitely need less screen time. I do try to "schedule" time away from the screen and that helps.



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