Monday, November 30, 2020

This Week I....

What I'm Reading

See my excuse below as to why I am not reading much. In theory I am still listening to Christmas at the Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan but the reality is that I think that I listened to maybe 10 minutes in the last two weeks.

I did actually finish a book last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was called The Flip Side by James Bailey, an English author, but since finishing this one, I haven't actually picked up another book. It's not like I don't have things to read. Like all of us, I have a lot.

What I'm Watching

At the end of every working week I am so exhausted that just veging in front of the TV is just about all Ican do. This weekend the main thing I watched was Virgin River season 2. I have to say it feels like we are a long way from the books now, but it is still watchable. The only thing with these series is the cliffhanger ending. I know it is to grab people but when you don't know if there is even going to be a another series they are a bit irritating.

I did also watch My Christmas Love tonight. It has been a tough day at work and so this Christmassy romancey Hallmark movie hit the spot for me!


I mentioned in my Weekend Cooking post that work is hammering me to the point that I have barely been able to pick up my laptop to post, let alone to read. I am hoping that changes over the next few weeks. I've gone from reading ten books in October to only reading three in November. And I haven't even looked at any of my study tutorials at all in that time. Time to get back to working on worklife balance I guess.

We are very fortunate that life is pretty much getting back to normal. We are now at a month without any new coronavirus cases here in Melbourne. We are even planning a road trip early in January. Let's hope that this trip goes to plan. This year we had five trips planned. The first one was in February and we did do that one, which feels like so long ago, but every subsequent trip since then was cancelled.

I do have big news tomorrow here on the blog, but I have to keep it quiet until then but here's a sneak peek

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  1. I’m sure a road trip will go some way to reviving your spirits after so long in lockdown. Looking forward to your good news.

    Wishing you a great reading week

    1. Certainly the planning of it is giving us something to look forward to shelleyrae!

  2. I may have to move to Australia ... I'm so angry that we can't get our act together in terms of COVID. Sigh. Anyway, I didn't read much in Nov. because of elections and our Thanksgiving. It's always so hard to find that work-life balance.

    1. It is definitely hard to get the work life balance right BFR. I haven't managed it yet!

  3. Being retired, I no have to balance life and work. I really like that. I'm getting very tired of this whole virus thing. Cases here are still increasing and people are still acting like fools. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. That no need to balance thing sounds good right about now Kathy!

  4. yes we went away in february but that's been it pretty much except for some local trips. yay to opening the borders!

    1. Yay to opening the borders safely Sherry!



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