Monday, November 09, 2020

This Week....


Normally I start with what I am reading and watching,  and then work my way up to life, but I am thinking this week is a good week so let's start there.

Not only is there the news out of America, a lot of our COVID restrictions have been lifted. We can now go wherever we like in our state, and hopefully it won't be too long before we can even go into other states. We have a road trip pretty much planned, we are just waiting for when the announcements are made! 

It is also warming up here, so the sun is shining, we can go wherever we like, we can go to cafes and in theory to the movies in a few weeks. However, there are still restrictions on how many people can be at a cafe so it's not guaranteed to get in when you want but it's a start right.

Yesterday, we went to the local mansion which includes the State Rose Garden which was a lovely day out, but I did walk a whole lot more than I am used to these days!

I'm reading...

I haven't yet made any more progress on my audiobook, which is a bit disappointing as I was enjoying it, but my brain is full at the moment. 

I am reading From a Paris Balcony by Ella Carey, which is the third story by Ella Carey set around an abandoned apartment that was opened after 70 years, revealing the secrets within!

I'm watching....

I am not sure what it going on with me. I have watched two holiday themed movies this week. I don't generally do Christmas movies, but it seems like I am slowly coming around to them, maybe because Christmas doesn't feel as hard as it always used to.

Firstly I watched The Holidate which was funny enough to laugh out loud in parts, but I would say it was an average movie.

I also watched The Mistetoe Promise, which was possibly a bit better than average. 

We also have finished watching another season of Schitt's Creek. I think we will end up trying to watching another series this week.


  1. I am working so hard at getting my heart and mind into Christmas! I have read one Advent book and gave one on its way in the mail.

    1. I am getting there. Bought a new Christmas tree today! Watching Christmas themed movies etc.

  2. First I love the Rose Garden, so pretty. I am working on my Christmas shopping by internet. We are quite rural and only go into the largest city about once a month. At this point, I am about done with Christmas purchasing. I will have to look for the Mistletoe Promise, soon I will be in the mood for Christmas movies.

    1. If you have any Christmas movie recs I would be happy to hear them Melynda!

  3. Lovely photo of the rose garden! We are easing our way into winter and I already miss green grass and sunshine. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. We are definitely going to go to the rose garden again. I t is only a few minutes away from our house.

  4. I only watch Hallmark movies during the Christmas season and then I love them! I think we all need to get the "good news" influx and Christmas does bring happy vibes.

    Hope you will have a good week Marg!

  5. Maybe I should have another go at Schitt's Creek - I watched the first episode and moved out! Wonderful that you are now out of lockdown in Melbourne and will soon be able to move even more freely. It's funny but every friend I meet here in NZ is so nostalgic over our lockdown - we all loved it. Business not so much!

    1. We are not quite ready to be nostalgic about lockdown yet Kathryn!

  6. I imagine you are relieved to have so many of your COVID restrictions lifted. I just heard this morning there is good news on the vaccine front--that's promising! So, good news on that front. I believe I've read the first in Ella Carey's series, if memory serves. I really enjoyed that one. I hope you are enjoying the third!

    I watched a couple of holiday-themed romance movies this past weekend. More as background as I got things done around the house.

    I hope you have a great week, Marg! Happy Reading.

    1. Do you have any recommendations for Christmas movies!

  7. Glad the restrictions are easing up! And what a beautiful pic!

  8. It's nice that some of your restrictions are easing up. I bet it feels great to actually be able to GET OUT again :) Our movie theaters here in Arizona have been open for awhile, but we haven't been to one yet. They're such germy places anyway - the thought of going to one right now grosses me out. LOL.

    There's nothing wrong with watching Christmas movies! Some of my neighbors already have Christmas lights on their houses and decorations in their yards. We wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate because I love Thanksgiving and I feel like it gets passed by in the rush to get to Christmas. I'll start watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music in a couple weeks when Thanksgiving is over :)

    Lovely pics! Looks like your weather is gorgeous.

  9. Never been much of a Christmas person and never watch those movies. In normal times we would be somewhere warm for Christmas and winter, but this year we will be at home. We will probably spend it by ourselves as we are currently in a red situation and being told only to mix with our own household.

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