Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Alphabet 2020 - X is for Christmas

I know, I know. I really don't like it when Christmas is abbreviated to Xmas but I also need an X word so that I can get this Alphabet 2020 completed this year and not have it drag into next year.

I do have another alphabet type thing for next year, but my intention is to actually have a theme for next year, all about music, which should make it easier to stay on track.

For years, I have been saving quotes from books and sharing them in the lead up to Christmas. I started doing this back when I was hosting the Virtual Advent Tour and it was something that I just continued. When I came back to blogging I deleted more than a dozen Christmas quotes that were sitting in draft.

I have again been collecting quote again this year and I plan to share a couple of quotes each week over the next few weeks!

Speaking of the Virtual Advent Tour, I was super excited to see that Sprite Writes still hosts the tour each year. You can find the details for this year's tour here. I have signed up to post on December 17 and at this point in time I have absolutely no idea what I am going to post but I still have just over a week to come up with something! Actually, I may have just had an idea!


  1. I think the X is just from the Greek alphabet and stands for christ. I am guilty of shortening the word often:) Merry Xmas!:-)

  2. I remember those Christmas quotes from the original years of the tour fondly.