Thursday, June 03, 2021

Music A to Z: E

Welcome to this week's edition of my Music A to Z feature. Each week on Thursday, I am going to share a song where either the song or the artist name begins with the letter for that week. This week, the letter is....


In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley - When I was last in Vegas, we had one show that we really wanted to see. Unfortunately we only had one night when we could go to a show and that was the one night of a week that it wasn't on so we had to come up with an alternative. We ended up seeing a tribute show at our hotel. The artists were Steven Tyler, Celine Dion (ugh), Barry White and, of course, Elvis. At one point Elvis was asking the crowd for songs they wanted him to sing and he ended up singing the song that I chose - In the Ghetto. He said it wasn't a song that was often requested. I love it because it is a song that tells a story. 

Benny and the Jets by Elton John - I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with Elton John. Obsessed! While there are plenty of songs I enjoy, today I am going to share this clip from the movie 27 Dresses because it is just so much fun.

Thinking Out Loud  by Ed Sheeran - Ed Sheeran will appear on this list a couple of times. His first three albums were on constant replay for many years. I have also seen him live a couple of times and would go to see him again. The reason I chose this particular song is because it replaced the song I thought I would dance to if I ever got married. For many years I never expected to get married, and I was never the girl who dreamed of what her wedding would like like, but I did know which song I would dance to if that ever happened. That is, until I heard this one for the first time. And in the end, this wasn't the song we used when I did get married, but more on that later.

Share your E songs in the comments.


  1. It's hard to beat Elvis but I will add ERIC Clapton!! Love his blues work. Elton John and Ed Sheeran come to mind too.

    1. I think you added him for C too Tina! lol I get the impression you are a bit fan!

    2. Oh I am! I was trying to decide which letter to add hom and I decided both :-) He's one of the big names I would love to see before I die but chances are slim there.



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