Thursday, July 22, 2021

Music A to Z: I

Welcome to this week's edition of my Music A to Z feature. Each week on Thursday, I am going to share a song where either the song or the artist name begins with the letter for that week. This week, the letter is....


Electric Blue by Icehouse - The Man of Colours album was one that I listened to over and over when it was released. At the beginning of last year I was lucky enough to see them live in a sunset session at the zoo.

I'd Die to be with You Tonight by Jimmy Barnes - You know how you can associate a song with a place or a person. This is a song that ihas always been associated with my first love. 

I Want Your Love by Transvision Vamp - We often have a conversation about the fact that the most rebellious/coolest/sexiest star of today is the golden oldies radio song of the future. Yes, even for people like Wendy James! Doesnt stop me from screaming/shouting along with this when it does come on the radio

Do you have any I songs!


  1. I Am The Walrus was the first one to come t mind! Then I thought about the Wo and I Can See For Miles.

  2. I am the Walrus is a fun choice Tina!