Thursday, August 19, 2021

Music A to Z: M

Welcome to this week's edition of my Music A to Z feature. Each week on Thursday, I am going to share a song where either the song or the artist name begins with the letter for that week. This week, the letter is....


Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 -  I think I must have exhausted all the songs that used to be my ringtone. I had this one for so long that it still makes me check my phone if I hear the chorus!

Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil - The first ever CD my husband ever bought was by Midnight Oil. It was therefore amazing when we got to see them live in concert a couple of years ago.

Classic by MKTO - I love this song. Not really sure why. In fact, I love their whole first album, but I have no idea about anything else that they have done!

What are you favouritte M songs?


  1. I'm showing my age byt Mack the Knife! When I was a kid I heard this quite a bit.

    Mick Clarke is a blues/jazz player so I want to mention him.

    1. Mack the Knife is such a timeless classic though Tina !